My Darling

April 26, 2011
By Anonymous

My Darling,

My heart is aching without you here. I try anything and everything to fill the void you left behind. Nothing is complete with you gone. When I walk past the park where we first met, tears flood my eyes, knowing that we will never again stroll through the beautiful scenery, hand in hand. Oh, what I would do to stare into your eyes one last time, to feel your love with just one gaze. And how my head rested perfectly in your shoulders, feeling imperforate. Each night when I peer at the stars, I admire the most brilliant in the center of the sky, knowing that it is you looking down on me. Each night when I close my eyes and pray for sleep, it doesn't come, but tears instead, each a memory playing through my soul, each one flawless because they were with you. Living another second without you seems beyond the bounds of possibility, but I continue on, knowing that that's what you would want: for me to attempt to find happiness once more. My life will be a never ending cycle of longing for you, but I know that when the time is right we will meet again.

All my love,

The author's comments:
A fiction short story in the form of a letter to a deceased lover.

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