Snow Flakes

April 20, 2011
By HayWay GOLD, Draper, Utah
HayWay GOLD, Draper, Utah
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FOUR SQUARE!!!!!! :)

I looked up from my dark washed jeans to the white flurries falling from the dismal gray sky above me. It seemed so comforting. There was something in the cold, dead air that just made me calm. All the worries and troubles melted away with just a few steps out the door. The wind blew the loose brown curls that weren’t tucked under my scarf around my round face. I buried my face deeper into the soft, green fabric as the wind picked up. I heard the door creak open and I turned around to see who it was. The first thing I saw was a pair blue vans and black jeans. I thought it was my brother telling me dinner was ready, but when I looked up, didnt’t see Nathan’s cute, freckled face, I saw my boyfriend’s, John, sad expression on his face. He sat next to me and brushed my bangs out of my face. I smiled up at him, his soft green eyes gazing into my brown ones. I sighed and turned my gaze back to the snow falling from above as John leaned in and kissed my cheek softly. John grabbed my hand and whispered that everything would be alright and I believed him, that was the caboose of the long train (and I mean looooong) of mistakes.

The author's comments:
It was a really snowy day and I was sitting outside and decided to write this :)

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