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April 18, 2011
His hand brushed over mine, which caused me to jerk back simultaneously and hold my breath. I tried to stay calm as I studied his expression. Did he not notice? Did he not feel the tinge of electricity running through my palm? I guess not.
The red flushed from my face and I let go of the oxygen bottled in my lungs. I awkwardly squirmed an inch or so away, not wanting him to feel suffocated.
I choked out, unaware of my next move. He looked at me and raised an eyebrow. I loved that look. He was so cute. He is always cute.
"Never mind.."
I looked the other way, biting my lip.
"Sammie, what's wrong?"
He looked concerned, like he actually cared. I laughed in that awkward way, halfway in-between a giggle and a snort.
"Nothing, really. You're just so perfect. How could I have ever managed to attain someone like you?"
Great. My face was red. Again. He smirked, and started teetering a bit back and forth, his ruffled brown hair swaying with him.
"Well, I'm not all that great, really, you could do better. I'll always be here if you need me though Samantha. Forever and always. I love y---"

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
I stood up and slugged across the room to my alarm clock and clicked snooze, then sat down on the ground. My legs were crossed and I let my tears fall into my hands.
It was just a dream. Again. Same one, every night. You're gone, I need to accept that, because you don't intend on coming back.
My cell phone vibrated on my bed and my breathing became shallow. For a minute I thought it was him, but a second glanced helped me to make out a different name on it. My heart was pounding, so I just shrugged it off. After that I just went to the normal bathroom, to take a normal shower, like I normally do every normal morning, so that I can go to normal school to get a normal education that I need to get the same normal job that we both wanted so I can get normal money to help me support a normal family one day. One thing was missing out of that problem.
I need to stop guessing on things, it's not like I can just guess and check in love like I can in algebra. Whatever. Screw it.

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Odessa_Sterling00 said...
Jun. 10, 2011 at 2:33 pm
It's short and sweet, right to the point.  It's pretty good.  (:  Keep writing.
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