Darkness Overcomes

April 6, 2011
I walked over to him. He was still beautiful....but he was dead. I felt a cold tear run down my cheek while i saw the knife placed in his chest. Emotions raced in my body. Love, Hate, Confusion,Anger, Depressed, and all of those came out in tears.
Who would do this? I wondered as i saw him laying there, with a knife placed in his chest. The blood dripped onto the floor which made a puddle. I closed my eyes, not believing what i was seeing with my own eyes.
"Help!" I cried out!
But no one could hear the sound of my voice. My voice cracked from the sore lump in my throat. I felt his his cold skin against the back of my hand.
I never go to say 'i love you'.
Tears started to come down faster. I barely could breathe at the sight of his murder.
I closed my eyes, trying to see if this was a dream. But a flashback came instead. It was when Kyle And I were at the carnival.
We were at the top of the ferris wheel. The wind felt warm against my body. The ferris wheel was high enough to see the whole town. I remembered being amazed how small Georgetown was.
I turned to see his face glancing at me. I smiled at him and slipped my fingers into his. "Promise Me That you won't leave me."
He smiled gracefully. He laughed under his breath. "Now Why would I Do That?"
I shrugged. I just loved being around him in the flesh. He made me feel special inside....like i wasn't dust. Like I was more valuable than anything.
"I'm in love with you." he said.
I gasped softly, never hearing that before from someone to her. My parents hated me since i was just a little girl. I was just another branch on a tree.
He leaned into kiss me. His lips pressed against mine. His soft lips made me shiver. His lips tasted sweet that it made my throat burn thirsting for more. He kissed my jaw down to my bare neck. I closed my eyes at the feeling of his lips.
Then he kissed me once more again. "You are the reason why I'm living."
The flashback ended and I was alone with his body. I cried knowing that he was all gone. I won't never love again. No! I Won't LIVE ever again.
I felt a rush of tears come down. My Tank-Top was getting wet. I slowly reached at his body and took the knife out of his bare chest.
I stood up with the knife in my hand still crying. My eye sight was blurry from the block of my tears. I Tilt my head up and closed my eyes. I placed the knife in my chest. I felt the sharp pain.
I looked down and saw the river of blood came pouring out of my shirt. I Fell Down To The ground. One Thing overcame me.
"Wake Up Holinda!" Kyle said.
I opened my eyes and saw that I was in History Class.
"I Fell Asleep?"
"Yes..Now come on. You have to go to your next class," He said to me.
I stood up with relief. It was just a dream. I smiled.
I saw Kyle start to walk away but I grabbed his hand.
"Wait," I said, "Don't Ever Leave Me."
Kyle smiled gracefully,"Now why would I do That?"
I smiled.

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Ryan M. said...
Apr. 19, 2011 at 11:03 am
Awww! it was intense at first but then it got sweet...keep up the good work.
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