The One Moment

March 30, 2011
By elise_syd BRONZE, St.Charles, Illinois
elise_syd BRONZE, St.Charles, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
And I-
I took the road less traveled by

-Robert Frost

She looked to see him bend down on a single knee as he slowly pulled me out of

his breast pocket. He dressed me in a black, velvet box from Zales Jewelers. They were

in the most romantic city in the world. The waiter set them in the middle of the very old,

very intimate, parisian restaurant. The walls had a gold wallpaper the was almost so

lustrous that it could compete with the sun. A pattern of red velvet drapes that were as

red as a brand new lipstick were plastered against the wall.Prior to this moment, I had

been polished and shined in preparation for my new owner. The violins in the

background started to play a sweet, simple serenade that danced around the room. One

of my facets reflected off a light and colored her face with cherry red, lemon yellow, a

silver-white, and ocean blue. Her face was awestruck. Her eyes were an ocean blue

and she was wearing a Chanel lipstick that was bright red like the drapes on the walls.

She threw her hand at the young man as he motioned for her to bring it near. He half-

sputtered out the words he had wanted to say for a while. He had been waiting for two

months for the perfect moment.

He took his shaky, sweaty hand and smoothly slipped me on to her slim, chilly left

ring finger. A sudden tear fell a top my white-gold appendage. Then another a top my

shiny diamond. The moment I was slipped on, she let out a loud, jovial laugh along with

her devotional tears. She was speechless. As was he. The young woman threw her

arms in the air as if she was a mad woman on the loose and then she threw them

around his neck. The entire restaurant erupted with clapping and cheering as if they

were at the Superbowl and their favorite team had just won.

A bottle was delivered to the young couple’s table by a Sous Chef.

“Congratulations” was printed on the bowling pin shaped bottle. The young man popped

it open and poured out a magnificent river into two crystal champagne glasses along

with the over flowing of white bubbles. The liquid was very opaque and bubbly. The

couple toasted to and spoke the words “To Marriage”. At that moment, I realized I was

the key to both their hearts. I am the symbol of the love, adoration, and happiness they

share. I now hold their love together forever.

The author's comments:
"The One Moment" is from the point of view of an inanimate object....can you guess what it is?

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on May. 30 2011 at 11:06 am
elise_syd BRONZE, St.Charles, Illinois
3 articles 2 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
And I-
I took the road less traveled by

-Robert Frost

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