March 28, 2011
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It happened like a bliss of the wind, he broke my heart causing everything to fluctuate every single day. It was one month shy from six months when he have cut my heart into bits. It still feels like it just happened yesterday, the memory, the pain and the betrayal... I can still feel it through my heart. I brought my dampen eyes over the last picture that we have, it was on the ice-skating rink...he was holding my waist, laughing cheerfully as I glided along the side. I didn't know that he was going to take any advantage of me, it wasn't him. It was like a demon who took over him that night, he was unstopabble. In the morning I barely opened my eyes but I can already feel the empty space on my bed.. I got my courage to pick up the phone that lied on my furnished side table, I remember that I type his number with my trembling fingers and already blurring vision.

"Hello?" his voice was heavily muffled.

"Hey,babe. Where are you? Why didn't you wake me up when you left?" but I already knew the answer, I can feel it.

"Listen Emily, we're over. I don't want to see you again. Good bye." his voice was lacking any emotion, before I can even respond the line was like harshly cut off by a sharp scissors that tore through my chest. I lost two things that day, both are equally important, I didn't know which one to cry about; for me being used or him letting go. That day, I thought everything is over, I thought my world has ended.

"Emily," the vivid voice stopped my reminscing. My head full of straight jet black hair shook as I looked up.

"Can we talk?" he brought his hands up, scratching his neck. I nodded as I pulled out the sharp blades of grass around me-- a habit.

"Sure." I i shrugged. He sighed, nervously rolling his lip onto his mouth.

"Okay., will you promise that nothing is going to change for bad?" He whispered slowly, looking over my direction.

"Max, why would that be? Nothing would change! We've been best friends since what--8 years?" I chuckled.

"okay, fine." he took a deep breath releasing it through his nose.

" Well... I love you." he turned deep red.

" I love you too. Now go on and tell me." I gave him a small smile as my bangs brushed against my ebony marbles.

"That's it! I might not be a superman who saves you from the problems that you had. I don't have a forgetting power that makes you forget what happened in the past but I promise you that you can trust me not to break your heart. Not to do anything to hurt you. I loved you since we're sophomore high school." he rambled, my eyes was coated with tears, misting my vision but he still stood out. I couldn't believe that the guy who actually loves me is right in front me. My lips tugged upwards revealing a placid smile as I let my hands brush on the tip of the grass blades still listening. I looked at him, absorbing his soft looks. I noticed how his eyes are crystal blue against the blinding sunlight, and his light brown hair glowed as it absorbed the gleaming sunlight and his pale pink lips that stopped moving, suddenly inching closer to mine.
That moment... I knew, that he could be my superman, he have those powers that real superman have. I again, finally felt my heart well up with love, joy and care, I have my deepest desires, that only his soft lips can attain. I know, he will be mine for a long time... That turned into, forever.
My forever superman.

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