Five pebbles and love

March 14, 2011
By GothicChibee BRONZE, Hastings, Minnesota
GothicChibee BRONZE, Hastings, Minnesota
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"Its better to be hated for what you are ,then to be loved for what you are not!"- unknown

Its midnight as I walk down your street five pebbles in hand and I wait. When the clock strikes twelve thirty I throw the first pebble at your window and nothing happens. At one o’clock I try again with the second and this time your light turns on and you look outside but you don’t say anything. Around one thirty, I throw the third and again your light turns on and you look out here hopeful but yet you don’t see me. It is two o’clock now and I throw the forth but yet again nothing happens. So when it gets to be two thirty I forget to throw the fifth. Then I look at my watch and it says three o’clock .So I throw the fifth pebble as hard as I can and it breaks your window and you look out the window and still you don’t see me. You pick up the pebble and start to cry. I yell and scream your name and still you say nothing. Why can’t you see me I’ll never figure out because as your about to throw the pebble back. I’m drawn back in a “whoosh”. I open my eyes and see a paramedic he has tears in his eyes and is saying thank goodness. I don’t know who he is but I look in my hand and there is four pebbles one is missing. A few days later I find out that I am your girlfriend and that we always took turns throwing pebbles at each other’s windows. Your name I still forget but I love you just the same. In two days I will leave this place and throw a pebble at your window and if you answer I will throw you a ring and ask you to marry me because I have no one else except you in this world to live for. I don’t care if your parents disapprove because we will run away to where ever you’d like to go. And when we leave we will tell everyone not to look because we never existed in their lives only each others. For us love is love and nothing else. People may discourage our love but I could care less you are mine and forever mine. We will show the world that we are who we are and that cannot be changed. I’ll be waiting on your street at midnight and the first pebble I throw will come back and when you answer my call you will be mine and mine only because we will run away to a place for only me and you. Then we will live forever even as our bodies die and decay because our love shall conquer even death.

The author's comments:
This is a piece is a story from my heart and is inspired by my best friend!!!!!

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