All On My Own

March 9, 2011
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I’m standing here now with luggage in each hand. He’s standing in front of me, breathing my air, with his hand wrapped around my cheek pushing hair out of my face trying not to cry. He’s so close, so very close. He comes closer. His mouth dips down, caressing mine. He stays there for what seems like forever, moving our mouths together. I gasp for air, and he pulls away. His fingers are clenched in my straight wisps, and his forehead is resting on mine.

“I. Love. You.”

His voice is raspy and passionate. I feel the wet on my face, and pull back when I realize it’s mine.


He pulls me in then, my luggage dropping to the floor. He’s holding me so tight I cant breathe.

My arms wrap around his torso, as he rocks me gently back and forth.

“Don’t worry,” his lips are beside my ear, whispering deeply, as if we were lovers on our first honeymoon.

“I will wait for you. I will love you forever. No matter what, I’ll be here smiling, when you come back.”

I smile sadly, kiss him one last time, grab my luggage and walk away. I know this is goodbye. Not just for college, but for forever.

I make a mistake. I turn around. His eyes are the brightest color, like a robins egg right after a rainstorm, and they smile bitter-sweetly at me from where he stands.


My last thought. I smile then, turn around and walk away. I walk onto my plane, and into my new life where I have to learn who I am. Where I have to learn where I stand. Where I have to learn who I’ll be, all on my own.

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