Yin and Yang

March 4, 2011
By ambLur43 SILVER, Santa Fe, New Mexico
ambLur43 SILVER, Santa Fe, New Mexico
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The colors balance, dark against light. Her small warm hand fits within his larger one and a delicate balance is found. Her eyes are full of dark images, laughter lacing through; her they change with her differen moods and her light shines strong and steady. He stood tall, his hair the color of gold lining the clouds, he embodied the sky and his moods could flicker from day to night in seemingly moments. He wore white, she wore black and they completed each other, filling up the empty spaces in each other. Sometimes he didn't understand the darkness in her heart and his anger would burst forth like the explosion of a sun. His super nova anger would burn even her hard skin and the tears would fall and run from the sky and upon the earth. When the rain stopped the sky would be more blue and his smile would be full force sunlight. The earth would bloom, brand new and whole, reaching toward the sky. All she wanted was to feel the sunlight upon her leaves. She need him to thrive, and he needed someone to support.

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