The Piano

February 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Chapter 1

It had been six years since the accident. Mary had not touched a piano since then. Mary was in bed when her cat, pogo, jumped on her. She got up and went downstairs. Her dad was making breakfast. Mary walked past the piano and ran her hand along the rough, carved sides. She almost even sat down on the cushioned, velvet-covered seat. The dust stuck to her fingers like a magnet. She felt tears fall from her eyes. She licked her lips and she tasted the salty taste of fresh tears. She pretty much enjoyed the taste, since she had spent the last six years crying her self to sleep. She wiped her eyes and walked into the kitchen. She sat down at the table with a thud. Her dad looked at her with a puzzled look on his face.

“Honey have you been crying?” he asked.

“No” Mary answered “why do you think that?”

“Your eyes are red” He had to notice things like this. He never noticed when she was happy. “Nope” she answered again.

“Honey, I’ve decided I am going to sell the piano” “What, no you can’t” “I have to; we need the room and the money.” “But its moms, you can’t, she won’t let you” “She’s gone” “No she isn’t, don’t say that”. Mary’s breath was coming in short gasps. At this point Mary was overwhelmed. She burst into tears and ran to her room. Almost every morning started like this, tears fell when she walked past the piano; her dad asked if everything was fine, she always said yes. He new better then to actually believe her, he knew it still hurt to talk about it. She never thought he would say anything about selling the piano.

After 20 minutes, she had calmed down. Why did she act like that about her mom? They had suggested counseling a few times. She did not need counseling. It has been six years, six painful years, why wasn’t she over it yet? All of a sudden, her dad knocked on the door, interrupting her thoughts.

“Can I come in?” he yelled.

“What do you want?” she said trying to act as if nothing was wrong.

“Honey, I’m sorry. It just carries so many memories. Bad and good. It’s for your own good.” He said. Her eyes were stinging. She looked in the mirror. Her eyes looked like wet glass.

“What’s wrong with memories? Memories actually make me feel better. They are one of the only things that help me make it through the day. I can actually think of the way I remember her having fun with me.” Her words were not making much sense now.

She was crying again.


It was gone. Her dad had sold it two days ago. Mary had not talked to him since. Mary was used to arguments like that. It was almost part of her daily routine.

Mary always remberred the accident when they fought like this. She was twelve. It was a stormy night. They were coming home from a piano recital. They were talking about how good she did. She had gotten second place. All of a sudden, they saw bright lights coming straight towards them. They both screamed then everything went black. Mary had broken an arm and a leg. She also had tons of bruises. She did not know that her mom had died on the way too the hospital. Mary was in the hospital for two weeks.

Her mom had loved playing the piano. She had given her extra lessons since she was five years old. Now with her mom gone she thought she could not play anymore. She thought she hated the piano. She wondered why she spent so long building up this dream, for a storm to come and knock it down. She was now seventeen. Nothing had changed her opinion.

“Dad I’m going for a ride” she said as she walked out the door. She got inside her new convertible and started it. It was beautiful. It was black with sparkly purple flames. She had gotten it as a birthday present last year. It was from her dad and Monica. It had been her dream car since she was thirteen. She did not think her dad had heard her. She did not care if he did either. She was going to Monica’s house. She turned the radio on and “Manic Monday” came on. She felt tears come to her eyes. For karaoke, her and her mom sang that and got first place. She held them in so Monica would not see her cry.

“Want to go to the mall” Mary yelled as she pulled into the driveway.
“Sure” Monica yelled, “Let me go change”.
“Alright” Mary answered, “I’ll be right here”. Monica ran out of the house wearing a tank top and a denim skirt.

“Nice outfit” Mary said while she laughed. Monica walked like a model on the runway on the way down to the car. When she got to the car she gave a little twirl and got in. she started laughing and Mary had to laugh as well. Mary always thought Monica could be a model or actor. She had perfect blonde hair and beautiful baby blue eyes. She had a perfect smile. Her teeth were white and straight. Her face was free of redness and blotches. Monica was always wearing clothes worth hundreds of dollars.

“You know you would be a great model,” Mary said when Monica got in the car.

“Thank you” Monica said back, smiling, “let’s go”. They were almost to the mall when Mary thought of the piano. Her dad had sold it. Right now, it was on its way to England. She would never see it again. She knew it was gone but she did not want to believe it.

“Its gone” she sighed.
“What’s gone?” Monica asked, “Oh my god is the mall gone, if it is I will die.”

“No the piano.” Monica drew in a short ragged breath as Mary sighed. “What how?” “My dad sold it.” “Why?” “Good question, I don’t know the answer. I don’t think he knows either.” “Well that’s weird.” “Just a little.” “I am so sorry.” “Don’t be, it’s not your fault.”

“Well I have some good news” Monica said, “The piano competition is in a month and a half. Mary froze. Monica knew Mary could do it if she tried. She always tried talking her into it. Mary never listened.

“What’s wrong?” Monica asked looking at Mary.
“Nothing” Mary said. She managed to say only one word through clenched teeth. Mary had always been excited about the competition . She had been invited several times before but had turned down the offers. She wanted to go and win, she really did. They were trying to find a parking spot at the mall when Mary turned the car and raced towards the exit.

“What are you doing” Monica screamed. She was petrified with fear.

“I’m going to Mrs.Darbus’” Mary exclaimed.

“What, but she’s your old piano teacher.” Monica seemed very confused.

“I know” was the only thing Mary could say right now. Monica started to smile. Mary looked at her and shot her a puzzled look.

“What this is a good thing” Monica was still smiling. “It’s always good to face your fears. You know how I was afraid of water and swimming.” She waited for Mary to answer.

“Yes.” Mary answered slowly. Monica always said strange things like this. Most of the time they made Mary fell better, but she did not know where she was going with this one.

“Well I faced my fears and now I am on the swim team. I am good. I was not planning on ever swimming again but when your life depends on it; you just have to use all that courage in you.

“I don’t see how your life depended on that?” Mary laughed. It felt good to have all the extra weight taken off your shoulders occasionally.

“At that pool party I went to last week this guy walked past me, tripped, grabbed me and I just fell in. It was the scariest thing that ever happened to me and I lived through it. You can do the same thing just not with swimming but with the piano.” Mary sighed she was not ready for it yet, it still hurt to even look at a piano. She turned around to head back to the mall. Monica sighed and gave Mary a worried look. Monica slowly watched her friend lay down and give up on life.

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I was 13. It's the first two chapters in a story I am still working on. I have had people tell me it was good but I don't really like it. Anyways don't hate on it...

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It was really nice and intersting. i liked your storyline and your desriptions. Your tilte was intersting also. It got me thinking what does the title "The Piano" has an intersting feel to it


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