The Farewell

February 27, 2011
She looked at him, those big brown eyes, sparkling, always smiling even when his lips weren’t. This was going to be hard, but she had to do it. She couldn’t let herself hurt anyone lese. She began to explain what she had to do. She stumbled over her words, oh goodness, he wasn’t understanding, he was making this harder than it had to be. She tried again, keeping her motives in mind, more confident this time. As she explained, his eyes widened more and more until they looked ready to pop off his face. She apologized, saying it was nothing against him and it was really for the best. She didn’t want him to be hurt. He reminded her of all the good times, the love they had shared, why? He asked, don’t you love me? She did, but that was precisely why she had to leave him. The good times, they had happened, but going back over them wasn’t making this any easier. She just had to get away, couldn’t he understand? She repeated herself, we can’t do this anymore! I can’t hurt you! What she was saying began to sink in. She could see the tears beginning to well up in his eyes, and he wasn’t generally an emotional person. Oh great! She knew she should have never started this relationship. She looked at him for the last time, a tear slipping down her cheek, mirroring the one on his. He tried to pull her close, but she pushed him away. The hurt look in his eyes pained her. She threw him what she hoped was a look of longing, pain, and sympathy as she turned on her heel and was gone in a flash.

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