That Girl

February 24, 2011
By MorganC GOLD, Hereford, Maryland
MorganC GOLD, Hereford, Maryland
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It’s like this: I got this girl that I like but she ain’t feelin me, you know? It’s rough, man. I just don’t know how to get around it. Maybe she ain’t into me or my kinda thing but that ain’t no good reason for her to be off on some high horse like she the best one out there. Heck, she ain’t even that good lookin’. I seen better ones than her.

She still there, though, man. Can’t shake it. She got that nice hair that I just wanna run my fingers through over and over again and I ain’t gonna lie, she ain’t too bad lookin’ in the face either. But my boys say they don’t want me tied down by some girl like her. She a crazy chica – loco, they said. Heck, my boys know what’s up.

But you seen the way she walks? She ain’t hot but she soft. And I like that soft look. It’s fresh. She smart too. She always got some book she readin’. Like the other day I saw her with some big book. I asked her what it was. You know what she said to me? She said nothin’! Nothin’, man! I ain’t goin’ with a girl who can’t even give me some respect.

I wanna’ read a book. I gotta’ impress her, you know? Some big one. Know any big books that impress chicks? Books? Heck, if she was into cars I’d be set. But this one ain’t into cars unless they on the cover of some useless book. Hey, man, all I gotta say is what are books good for if you can’t use them to get girls?

She smart. She into science and math. Maybe she wanna be an engineer or something like that. I sure as heck don’t. Man, I don’t even know if I’m gonna go to college or join the army? Man, I can’t even add three and two without gettin’ a headache. Heck, ain’t no math and science chick hangin’ around me.

I like her clothes. They ain’t skimpy or nothin’ like those girls I dated over the summer wore. They was only hot in the summer when the temperature was hot. She wears those long dresses so you can’t see her legs. Maybe she doin’ that on purpose, you know? Like tryin’ to tease somebody or somethin’.

She runs a lot and she real healthy. Like she don’t eat no potato chips and donuts after school. She go to cross country practice and runs her skinny butt off until you get tired yourself of watchin’ all the runnin’ goin’ on. Maybe I should start playin’ soccer again, man. You wanna’ pick up a game with me? No way, man! No soccer field near the cross country course.

Man, I ain’t got no idea how to impress this girl so I just went up and talked to her, usin’ them big words like ‘hello’ and ‘interesting’ and all. Had the biggest book I could find at the library (never been in that place either) in my hand and everything. She asked me why I was readin’ the encyclopedia from the K through L section and I said “Girl, what you talkin’ ‘bout?” Man, she just looked at me with them blue eyes and laughed. She thinks I’m real funny.

Then the girl got the guts to walk away without even sayin’ bye. What she thinkin’? I walked all the way over there to impress that girl and she walks away? Oh man.

Then I try dressin’ all nice. Got on a tie and a shirt that I ironed and some pants that ain’t got no holes in them from messin’ around with my boys. Well, she looked me up and down and laughed again. She asked me where I was goin’. I said I wasn’t goin’ anywhere. Atleast she said I looked good.

So then just ask her out. I’m done tryin’ to play it cool. She was readin’ some book in class one mornin’ when I asked her. And you know what she said? She was all like, “Yeah, Bennie, I’ll go on a date with you.” Man, I was feelin’ good!

So we went on this date and we were chillin’ at this bonfire with my boys when she said she got to head home. I drove her home and even walked her up to her door when she said she had fun with me. She ain’t no stuck up girl who can’t chill with me and my boys.

The she kissed my cheek and all I could think of was, “Man, I think I’m in love!”

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Acacia1013 said...
on Mar. 5 2011 at 10:26 pm
Acacia1013, Augusta, Georgia
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I like it!


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