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My Question is : WHY?

February 24, 2011
By juhneen_6 SILVER, Pellston, Michigan
juhneen_6 SILVER, Pellston, Michigan
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the only thing we fear is fear its self

Why? Why do you judge me, I've done nothing to you. Why can't you just let me be? Why don't you just leave me alone? Why can't you understand this is the way I am? Why are you so harsh every day? And do you stifle a laugh each time someone mentions I'm gay? Why can't you tell your girl friend I'm not into you? Why do you stare at me the way you do? And why does your girl friend think there's something between us? And do you keep it up, she thinks I like you. Why are you so ashamed of me? And why aren't we friends any more? Why can't we go back to where we were... Why, Why, Why?

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