Betrayal leads to Love

February 23, 2011
There I was, the captain of the football team at Sensle High, home of the Raging Jaguars, talking to my friends by the lockers when I felt someone bump into me and I turn around to see a girl light brown colored girl with hazel almond shaped eyes, long black hair with a tint of red, black denim pants and a blue short sleeve shirt. She was a nerd of course. "I am sorry for bumping into you, Daniel." She got on her knees and started to pick her school stuff up, getting up with her books and walking away. "Whatever, nerd." And my friends all laughed. The girl's name was Ariel Little, the only brown girl in school. One of my friends, Coray, had a grin on his face. "She is such a nerd." And they all laughed and I thought about that for a moment. "Yeah what a nerd." My friends laughed. "I have a idea. Let's bring her to the highest hopes then at prom, let's crush them. You be the bait. make her like you, then when she asks you to the prom, say okay then take her there then just abandon her at the prom. " I blinked. "That's pretty cruel you guys." The guys laughed. "What are you? A chicken?" They all mocked me and I scoffed. "Fine." And I walked off.

It was around lunch time when I saw Ariel and ran up to her. "Hey Ariel, what's up?" Ariel was shocked of course. "Oh nothing r-r-really. Just taking my lunch to the animal room." Did I forget to tell you guys? She loved animals. "Oh really? Then let me help you carry your stuff." But before I could grab her things, she slapped my hand lightly and grabbed her thing. "I don't need your help. I can handle it myself." A surge of self confidence hit me and I sat there, shocked as she walked off and looked at my hand. That was the first time a girl has ever hit me. And I was impressed.

(point of view switched from Daniel to Ariel)

I hated being called "the black nerd" or the "awkward girl"! It just drives me nuts! I want to change, be different or at least look good. My best friend, Dorey, saw my distress and came to my aid. "What's the matter, Ariel?" I sighed. "I want to look beautiful. I want to feel confident." Dorey smiled. "Alright, come to my house after school." And with that, we went back to our separate ways.

Me and Dorey walked over to her house and she sat me down in front of her mirror. "Now we are going to take this one step at a time okay? Well day at a time." My friend then took the glasses off and Dorey smiled at me. "Already a natural beauty." I was pretty amazed. "But my hair though." She scoffed. "We will fix that later but here are a pack of contact lenses for your eyes. I had spares." I took them and she helped me put them in and I was a bit surprised. "We will do the hair this weekend." I thanked my friend and walked off.

(switch back over to Daniel)

It was the next day when I went to school and I noticed Ariel and she looked different. Maybe the hair? It was the glasses and she looked prettier without of them. "Hey Ariel, you look pretty today." The girl smiled. "Thanks, Daniel. Have to get to class before I am late." And just like that she walked off. I have to get her to like me.

It was lunch time and I buy my plate of food which was 2 slices of cheese pizza, a pack of gummy worms and a coke. I notice Ariel and sit next to her. "So tell me, what do you like to do for fun?" Ariel laughed. Her laugh was like a annoying bell. "I like to help out the animal shelter, study up on animals and pretty much learning about animals." I rolled my eyes to myself. Such a nerd. "Anything else?' She took a sigh. "Well I know this sounds odd but I like to play football." I raised a eyebrow. Football? "I mean flag football." I blinked. Okay flag football but football in general? "Oh." I noticed her nod. "Yeah." I was not expecting that at all. "Well that's pretty cool." The girl smiled. "AT least someone finds it cool."

After a while, a few weeks pass by and me and her are getting along great. It seems rather crazy. I mean she is not really a nerd. She is pretty smart She is also good at flag football. The prom was around the corner, as in 1 week and I didn't want to hurt this girl because I really liked her. I noticed my friends hanging out by the soda machines and I walk over to them. "You guys..I don't think I can do this." They laughed. "What are you, a chicken?" I didn't want to hurt the girl. "I think..I think I am falling for her." The group laughed at me. "Your falling for a nerd!?" I just shook my head. "I am not. And I will show you." And I stormed off.

(switched to Ariel's point of view)

I was having fun hanging out with Daniel. He's a very nice guy. We have been hanging out for weeks and we exchange hello's. It was the day of prom or shall I say evening of prom and my friend was excited. "Tiem ot see your big transformation." She dyed my hair a beautiful auburn gold red, curling it up and handing me a gold dress and gold open toes heels with a gold sash around my arms and shoulders and she grinned. "Oh you don't look like a nerd." With that we drove to prom. I ask Daniel to prom and he said yes and when I arrived, all eyes were on me. I heard lots of whispers and got tons of stares it was crazy. When I noticed Daniel on the steps of the school, I walked over to him but stopped at what I heard.

(switching to Daniel's point of view)

I was at the prom and I was yelling at my friends. "I am not going to do it." I heard a "do what?" And I turned to see Ariel and my mouth dropped open. She was beautiful. Like a goddess. Who to think this nerd would be a beautiful girl!? My heart was beating like crazy as I gulped, seeing the dress showing every curve of her body. Coray smirked. "Oh. He was going to dump you at prom. You know build up your self esteem and then just crush it at prom in front of everyone." The look on Ariel's face made my heart twist and break. "Are you serious, Daniel!? Is this true!?" I heard the anger rise in her voice, a tone that I didn't want to hear from her. "No! It wasn't my idea! I swear!" Coray laughed. "It was so your idea." I felt like crying. "I didn't mean for it to happen. It wasn't my idea but I went along with it and then I started to fall for you and now I regret it." I was greeted by a slap across the face. "Forget it, Daniel. I don't want to hear it." And he stormed off into the prom. Coray laughed. "Now I get the hottie." And he ran off to Ariel. I had to get her back. And I ran in after.

I was in there and I noticed her dancing with Coray and Dorey walked in after me, slapping me across the face. What's up with people slapping me across the face tonight!? "You dirt bag!" I blinke. "It wasn't my idea. It was Coray's idea! I just followed with it. I didn't want to hurt her." Tears were falling out of my eyes. I just hurt the girl that I was falling for. Drey looked at me with a sympathetic look. "So Coray is the evil guy?" I nodded, sniffling. "Then get your chick. I will distract Coray." And she walked off, saying some flirty words and dragging him to the side and I leaped in, holding Ariel's hand. "Ariel! I love you. There I said it1 I love you Ariel! I would never do anything to hurt you. I mean you are truely a beautiful person. These weeks that passed by were the best weeks of my life and I want to have more weeks with you. Please forgive me. I am so sorry." And I was saying some jumbled up words, tears down my face until she stopped me, placing a finger to my lips to shush me. "It's fine, Daniel. I love you too." I couldn't believe it. She loved me. "I forgive you." And she forgave me! Double whammy! And so finally I leaned in and planted that long awaited kiss on her lips and I know we both felt the fireworks.

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