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Tears of Gold

February 11, 2011
By Wallflower PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
Wallflower PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
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If you aren't happy alone then you're not going to be happy with anyone else.

Life had never been a simple one. Anna lived as if she was searching for something that would make her happy forever, but she knew that it was unattainable. It wasn’t the sadness that was all too bad, but the fact that she cried instead of tears, liquid gold. This should’ve been a redeeming fact. Her parents always expected she’d be praised, but they worried about people, the ones who’d use her just for the monetary gain, or a picture in the papers. And they hoped that one day she would find someone who loved her enough to stop making her cry. One morning, there was a letter in the mail from a prince who had read of her and wanted to make her his own. She did not understand, for he had all the riches that anyone could ever need, and not yet having realized her own beauty, she was puzzled, and decided to meet with him.

I don’t have the energy for the bridge from the beginning to the end but they fall in love and he breaks her heart and everyone realizes that love hurts whether you cry tears or gold the end.

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