Adam and Isabelle

February 9, 2011
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Then… All of a sudden a big bang shot through the night! Adam hurriedly ran to his son’s bedside. He was thankful to see that Andrew was all right. He spent the next few minutes hugging the darling child when he soon remembered that he had heard a gun shot. He was determined to figure out what it was.
He peered out his living room window to see if he could see anything. Adam at first thought it might have been some of the neighborhood teenagers messing around. The he saw something in the street. It looked as if it were a person slumped over. He opened the front door, looked to both sides to make sure the scene was safe. He ran to the figure lying in the road, it was a woman. Adam knew he has seen this woman before, but he didn’t know where. While trying to save this delicate woman, he kept spacing off, trying to remember where he’d seen this woman. Then he snapped back into reality and realized he had to do something, he had to save this woman. He brought her into his house for safety and to see if she'd be fine, or if she needed medical attention. He caressed the delicate creature in his arms. There was a wound on her shoulder, but he didn't think to call the ambulance because he knew he could care for her wound. All he needed was some gauze and Neosporin, both of which he had in his bathroom cabinet.
As Adam was treating her, he couldn't help but try to remember where he's seen this woman before. The woman came to; her beautiful blue eyes pierced Adam's. She looked very confused, and demanded to know why she was in some strangers’ house, and particularly why the stranger was holding her in such a manner. Adam tried explaining to the woman that she'd been shot and he found her in the street so he brought her in to treat the wound on her shoulder. At first the woman didn't understand, she thought he was crazy and wanted him to call the police to open an investigation to figure out who shot her. Adam told her he couldn’t do that for safety reasons. She still thought he was crazy and started arguing with him. Then, Adam tried calming her down and after about twenty minutes, she was in a calm stage. Adam asked her what her name was, she replied with a simple, Isabelle.
Andrew started crying and Isabelle's eyes widened. Adam told her to hold on while he goes to get Andrew. He came back to the front room of the house, and Isabelle stared at him in disbelief. He just laughed and asked what she was staring at. Isabelle asked to hold Andrew. Adam was hesitant at first; he told Isabelle that she should just rest her shoulder for a while. Isabelle was quite upset about not being able to hold the precious baby.
Adam changed the subject so she wouldn't get anymore upset. He asked her if she'd be staying with him. She pondered on the thought. She told Adam that she didn’t feel safe with someone trying to kill her, so yes, she’d be staying the night.

Adam and Isabelle stayed up talking all night. Turns out, Isabelle and Adam have a lot in common. They both love children, they both are last minute shoppers, and they both love watching UFC Unleashed. Andrew woke up again at about 3 a.m. and Isabelle begged Adam to let her get him this time. Adam agreed and showed her where Andrew was sleeping.

Andrew adored Isabelle, they played together, and she fed him, and put him to sleep. Adam and Isabelle knew there was something between them. Adam told Isabelle he was tired, she said she was too. Isabelle confessed that she was still afraid of being found, and shot again. Adam understood and asked her if she would like to sit on the couch and watch a movie together. She told him she’d like that a lot. Together they watched ‘Going the Distance’. They both fell asleep within the first few minutes of the movie.

When Isabelle woke up in the morning, the aroma of pancakes filled the house. She walked into the kitchen to find Adam making her breakfast. She thought it was sweet, but she didn’t want Adam making her all this stuff alone. Isabelle joined in to help Adam make breakfast. The two worked together perfectly!

Andrew woke up and Isabelle went to get him so Adam could finish making breakfast. Adam watched her holding his baby with such delicacy. He thought to himself… Am I in love? Isabelle was thinking the exact same thing. Adam and Isabelle finished feeding Andrew his breakfast, gave him a bath, and played with him. They did everything together, like they were a couple. Like they were the perfect couple.

After Andrew was in his playpen taking his afternoon nap, Adam told Isabelle that he needed to talk to her. She said all right, and went to the front room to talk about it. Adam told Isabelle that it might sound crazy, but he thought he was in love with her and wanted to spend more time with her. She confessed that she thought she was in love as well. Adam told her that it was a huge relief to hear that.

Adam and Isabelle spent the rest of the day talking about their past, their struggles, and so on. The thing that really got to Isabelle was that Adam was ashamed of having a child at such a young age, because he hasn’t completely matured and wasn’t able to really live his adult life. Isabelle asked about Andrew’s mother. Adam told her that she was a drug addict who didn’t quite know how to care for a child, so she left Andrew and Adam alone. Isabelle was heartbroken when she heard that. Adam told her that he wants Andrew to grow up with two amazing parents. Isabelle told Adam about how she can’t have children because she’s sterile. Adam was speechless when he heard that.

Isabelle told Adam that all she’s ever really wanted was a baby like Andrew. Adam told her that she was welcome to come over anytime and visit Andrew. Isabelle was glad to hear that, ecstatic actually. After about another two hours of their confessions, Adam asked Isabelle where she was staying, and if she’d like to stay with him. Isabelle was shocked; she said she’d been staying in the motel across town. Adam convinced Isabelle to stay with him because a motel shouldn’t be considered a home. He told her she could sleep in the spare bedroom if she’d like. She told Adam she’d love to stay with him. Adam drove Isabelle to the motel to get her things. She didn’t have much, only a suitcase.

They got back to the house and got Isabelle settled in. Isabelle kept thanking Adam for letting her stay with him. He was more than happy too. He was delighted to have a woman in the house. He was even more delighted to have a woman who loves both him and his son, and wants to take care of the pair too.

Things went great for Adam, Isabelle, and baby Andrew. Adam and Isabelle started dating a few weeks after she moved in. A year later, the couple got married and Isabelle adopted Andrew as her own son. Andrew grew up only knowing Isabelle as mom. He didn’t know Isabelle adopted him until his real mom died when he was eleven. He soon got over it when he figured out she was a drug addict and admitted he would much rather have Isabelle as a mom.

Isabelle and Adam went to a specialist when Andrew turned 13. They wanted to see if there was anything to do to make Isabelle fertile again. They found out there was, the couple was ecstatic! They did the procedure and about a year and a half later, baby Angela was born. Andrew was excited to have a baby sister, and Adam and Isabelle were happy that they had a child together.

The four lived a happy life and didn’t let anything get between them as a family. To this day, Isabelle’s attempted murderer is still on the loose. There’s been a police investigation but nothing was found. Isabelle was upset at first, but she wasn’t going to let something in the past affect her future. She had a family now, and that’s all she needed.

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shedevil said...
Feb. 14, 2011 at 7:55 am
The moral of the story was good, but it was very rushed!
CocoCrayz12 said...
Feb. 13, 2011 at 8:42 pm
This was very good, but i felt that it was rushed, both the story and the relationship. Maybe you could go back and add more detail using the 5 senses. other wise extremly good! Don't stop writing.
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