Broken & Bitter

February 6, 2011
My heart dropped with every word he said, until I literally couldn't breathe...
I felt myself gasping for air as soon as he walked away. I couldn't help but grip the grass as I fell to my knees. I wanted to scream his name! To tell him that the fight was stupid, that it was all my fault, and that it shouldn't break us up... But I could already imagine his response
"Kayla, this is inevitable."
I remember all too well, him turning his head so that he wouldn't see my tears, so that he wouldn't feel guilty...
The thought made me choke. I felt my black make-up smearing all over my face as the tears rolled down my cheek, I wiped my eyes.
My broken heart felt as if it was breaking my body. How could he say it was over then just walk away? Didn't he know how much I loved him? Didn't he know I'd do anything for him? Didn't he know that I was a bitter-sweet person? Didn't he know... Revenge was my thing?

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