You Built Me Up

February 1, 2011
You built me up, but for what? To knock me down? To hurt me? Congrats, you won this time. Don’t think I’ll forget what you did to me. I remember waiting all through class, waiting to see you leaning against the doorframe. The stupid smirk never leaving your face. The same long strand of hair falling into your eyes. I always looked so forward to the moment you’d keep me safe in your embrace. The same embrace that kept me from falling so many times. The way you made me feel so special and perfect makes me feel sick now. That sparkle you’d get in your eyes when you saw me is replaced with an icy cold glare. You’ve replaced me, with a snap of a finger. But does she realize, this entire time you’re most likely leading her on? That’s just what you do, wrap girls around your finger like string and cut them loose when you don’t care anymore. The string falls, deeper and deeper until it’s forgotten, until it’s lost. But, oh look, you’re already tying up another one. If you were better at this, you wouldn’t use the same lines over and over, wouldn’t make it so obvious for us that fell. Would it be so hard to actually care for one of them? Or is that too difficult for you? You hurt so many innocent people, people who don’t deserve this. The strong frame of you that kept me safe has turned weak and unwelcome, shoving me aside so you can go to your new pretty toy. How long will this one last? Hmm she seems to remind me of someone? Who you ask? Let’s see…number two on your reject list? Or is she farther down? How far has your new toy let you go? Farther than I let you? Big shocker there, she seems like a feisty one. You honestly disgust me. I can’t believe I was so blind as not to see it. You’re just another useless part of the guy species. I’m starting to hate them all. According to your little toy, I was obsessive. I’m glad to see she’s protective of you, she apparently already understands that she’s only going to be there for a limited amount of time before you shove her away and forget all about her. I pity her; she’ll probably fall harder than I did. I also pity you. How long will it be until you’ve gone through all of the girls, before they’ve all heard of what you do? They’re just going to see right through you. You’ll go to drugs as your new escape, and break yourself even more. You’ll be nothing but a burnt down wooden frame that has nothing to hold onto. You could’ve saved yourself, and stayed with someone without playing them. But did you? Nope, you just kept playing your games. But do you care? Hell no, you just kept going. How many people have you “given your heart to”? Well guess what Mr. Tough-guy? One of your victims already found another guy. And I think…possibly...I have too. At least she and I both know that the new guys won’t hurt us like you did. And we’re happy. Good riddance.

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