The Hour of Prince Charming

February 3, 2011
By cmbrown BRONZE, Vega, Texas
cmbrown BRONZE, Vega, Texas
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Francesca was a young woman who lived an average life. She wasn’t exceptionally happy, but she wasn’t sad or depressed either. She lived by herself in a small house. She had the same routine everyday of going to work and coming home to spend the evenings by herself. She often found herself feeling lonely, and even though she went out every now and then, she never found a man that she liked or thought she could possibly love.

Francesca woke up one day and felt unusually happier than most days. She went through the same routine of eating breakfast and getting ready for work, but today there was more excitement in the way she felt. She did not know why she felt so happy. Even when she opened the door to leave and saw that there was rain pouring down from the sky, there was no change in her mood.

As she was skipping down her front steps trying to dodge a couple of puddles, she was not paying attention to what was in front of her. She felt herself bump into something and looked up into deep blue eyes. He was a tall, handsome man who looked around the same age as Francesca, and as she stared at him, he gave her a friendly smile. He introduced himself as Pedro, and soon the two of them were agreeing to have coffee together. As the minutes passed, Francesca found herself liking Pedro more and more, and she was sure he felt the same.

After coffee, they both agreed they wanted to get together again sometime, and they went their separate ways. Francesca rushed to work, hoping she wouldn’t be late. She could not wait to tell Jill, her best friend, about Pedro.When she arrived, she headed straight to Jill’s office to tell her the wonderful news. She was sure that he was different from any of the other men she had went out with.

As she finished her story about Pedro, Jill told Francesca she had also met someone a few days ago that she wanted her to meet. Jill said he would be stopping by her office soon.

Just as Jill finished talking, Francesca gasped as she saw Pedro walking in the door. She wondered how he knew where she worked, and she was about to say hello to him. Before she could speak, Jill stood up and grabbed Pedro’s hand. Jill introduced Pedro to Francesca and told her he was the guy she had been seeing the past few days.

Francesca stared at Pedro with a gloomy look on her face. Pedro just stood there like an idiot and smiled at Francesca as if there was nothing wrong with the situation. Francesca thought she had finally found the guy for her, but she now knew he was actually Jill’s. Even though Francesca had found and lost the only man she had ever liked in less than an hour, she loved Jill and decided to keep her coffee date with Pedro to herself.

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emrose SILVER said...
on Feb. 7 2011 at 6:44 pm
emrose SILVER, Rising Sun, Other
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Very interesting and sad...Good writing though


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