Fallen Love

January 28, 2011
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I stood there, emotionless and still. "How long will it be till the sun rises over the pit of what we call life, and when will that life be taken away?" I thought. The bolder over the edge, that i sat upon, draped over the ocean water. The moon's glistened reflection lit over my firm, smooth face. The stars were perfectly bright for an evening like such, and I turned my eyes to the left, "I said I didn't wish to be bothered." I said. Behind from the shadows came a tall handsome man, around my age. "I wanted to make sure you were okay." He said. "I'm fine. See? now please go away." "Lerenda-" he said but before he could finish i interrupted, "John, I'm tired of trying. Tired of trying to understand this. Understand you, understand us, understand the fact of what just happened back there." "I didn't wish for you to find out like that." he said. I then let out a laugh at the end of my breath, and licked my lip. "Find out?" I said. "I'd like to know...Were you even planning on telling me that you were a vampire, or did it just slip your mind?" He come over and put his hands gently on each side of my arms. "of course I was." "when! when were you gana tell me this! when you turned me into one?!" i shouted. "No, i would never do that to you." he admitted. "you did to her why not me? what makes her so different?" i said. "you were willing to make her live for an eternity, but not me? why?" i said. " I chose my path in the past." he said. " and i will do the same for my present and future. My past was long ago, and I've changed since then. Back then my target was blood and revenge, now...its to protect you. I don't want anything to happen to you. I've fallen for you. extremely hard. After my 491 years I've never felt like this." he admitted. "I've fallen for you too. But this? ... it changes everything. I don't want to judge, i really don't, but you have to admit, this is...a lot to take in." i said. "i understand where you are coming from, i do. But this doesn't change our feelings for one another." he said. "How do you know?" I asked. "this is a huge step from 'being normal' into 'what the h*** is going on'! this isn't like hey, I cheated on you or hey i slept with her before I met you, this hey I'm a FREAK'N VAMPIRE!" i said. "you never know what those words, or words like those will change. I grew up believing that vampires and creatures like vampires didn't exist, now i find out that boyfriend, my fiance nevertheless, is in fact a vampire." i said. He turned away. "I didn't mean to." I said. "Lerenda, it's fine. I understand now. I never thought of it quite like that, but I understand. I understand how frustrated you must be feeling. And I'm sorry for that." Silence stood between us for moments. i Then broke that silence. "so...why did you turn Zara into a vampire?" With eyes of affection he looked at me. "Why because he was in love with me of course, even you can pick up on that." Zara admitted. There she stood before us. Zara was no ordinary girl. She is a forceful, rude, hated, and sneaky con-artist, with multiple personalities. she is also a horrible in taker of foul and cruel operations and plots. she is a killer, and murderer, she is a psychopath, and sociopath. John then irks in front of me to protect me, as she just stands there, fileing her fingernails. "Oh, John you're no fun. what happened to you? you used to be the center of the party. Now look at you, protecting mortals? oh well, no point crying over spilt milk, right?" she then gives him an evil creepy grin. "I can smell her a mile away John." she said closing her eyes and lifting her nose into the air. "Her blood smells so sweet and pure. Is that why you fell for her? why you're around her all the time? To soak in the sweet aroma of her veins. Feed off of her John, I know you want to." She said. "No." he said. "oh come on John lighten up. She's mortal, all that will ever give her is life and then death, nothing more, nothing less. That's the cycle." she said. "NO!" he shouted. She then looks plain, no emotion, not even a blink. "fine, Then I'll do it." She jumped at me, he caught her by her through and thrashed her into the bolder. "You haven't changed." She said out of breath from the impact. "The only thing that has is your path. But don't worry, I'll make you turn around and go back." He then leans in to her. "No you won't cause I'm never going back.My past ruined me, now i'm gana ruin you." He said. He then lifts her off of the ground by her neck and thrashes her into a tree trunk. He goes to try it again, but she runs up the tree over his head and used her super strength to throw him into the air in a bush. She then turns to me, and with a blink she's at my throat. John then appears running and body slamming her, picking her and ran her to the edge of the rock, trying to throw her into the ocean sea. But she grips on him bring him with her. they fell horribly. Not knowing what to do i was in shock. i ran to the edge and looked down at the ocean, hours passed and not one came to the surface. I then fell into tears I lost my true love.

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