Dear God

January 28, 2011
By JulesHenry PLATINUM, Manchester, Other
JulesHenry PLATINUM, Manchester, Other
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Did he see that?

That blink I just blinked. The one I did because I couldn’t believe he looked at me.

Did he hear that?

My breathe. The one that caught in my throat.

Does he know?

Dear God he must know, I cant stop thinking.

He’s perfect. My heart isn’t as whole as it once had been, I’m not longer a child so its only fair to say my heart was broken a few times in my past. Looking back I should have seen them coming but I’m not a women yet, I’m still silly and will continue to fall till someone catches me.

Maybe he will.

Dear God I wish it was him, please let it be him. He’s not like the others, unlike his friends. He see’s past me face which I spent hours making as beautiful as the newly set sun. He doesn’t see the effort because he see’s me.

Simply me.

The person I am not the person I try to be.

Dear God I hope he see’s that.

He speaks to me everyday like its routine and we have fun. Lots of fun sometimes, and other times he confuses me to the point even the words in my head make no sense.

What is this feeling I’m feeling?

“Melody?” I was dreaming that cant be my name. I was in heaven as he locked eyes with mine but then he looked away, he always did and my world came back to earth with the worst of sounds.

My name.

“What?!” Callie, my sister. Or she wasn’t really but she acted like one, always acting like she knew everything and was so protective I felt like a baby when ever in her company but in the end I knew she had my back no matter what.

“Snappy much, come on Melody. Ask him out!” it wasn’t a question. More of a demand. The tone of her voice always sounded like a mother, she had taken on that role when I had my first heartbreak. In a sense I was grateful in an other I wish she would let me live my life alone. But now as she stood before me, her eyes wide and worried she reminded me of a prisoner awaiting their sentence.

“I cant.”

“Why not.” again not a question, a demand. I wasn’t one to deny Callie what she wanted.

“Because I lov-” I didn’t finish my sentence before Callie’s eyes darkened and seemed to growl, but not at me someone behind me. Callie moved behind me and off down the corridor, I didn’t have time to call her back before the figure her eyes had befallen on appeared at my side.

It was him. My heart soared.

“Hi Melody.”

“Hi Ollie.” I moved my face away for fear of him seeing my rosy cheeks.

The silence became awkward and before I could ask him how he was he beat me too it.

“So I’ll see you around then Melody.” and he left. So effortlessly, so flawlessly.

The kind of flawless I wish I was for him to notice me.

Dear God let him notice me. Let him see the girl I could be to him….

Dear God, let him see how much I love him.


The author's comments:
My little "sister" inspired this piece xx

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