"This kind of love"

January 12, 2011
By Barbara Mera BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Barbara Mera BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Growing up as a lil' girl
Momma always told me:

"Baby, you're a rose bud just opening up,
And one day, you'll sprout, and with out a doubt,
you'll be the fairest flower of them all,
Then one day, someone will come and find you
and pick you out of all the pther roses in the bush and say: "This is the one, the one I've been looking for"
And when that happens babygirl, you would have found love."

Love? Pssshh. What's that?
Nothing I've ever experienced before.
Now I'm not talking about love in general
Don't think I've been a rather neglected individual
I've had love in my life
Just not the type I have in my visual
There's a different type of love between a love of parents,. and the love of a friend, and all those loves are different form the love I'm talking about.

I mean, the love of having someone look at me and say: "Baby, you're the most beautiful of God's creations that I have ever laid eyes upon"

"Baby, the Sun should'nt even try anymore, because nothing compares to the brightness in your eyes"

"Baby. I could never concieve th eidea of kissing any other lips than yours"

"Baby, you're not perfect and you ahve your faults, but you know what? I dont care. I'm see beyond yhat. When I look at you and when I'm with you, I just want you, and nobpdy elese but YOU!"
"Baby without you I'm nothing, don't ever leave me baby PLEASE!"

You know? Someone to cuddle up and hols me and say: "Baby, there's no other place I'd rather be than here with you in my arms, please promise me you'll never let go"

Someone to kiss me and say: "Babe, I've kisssed you a million times before, but every time I do, I get the same feeling, the same butterflies at the pit of my stomach, the same thumping of my heart crashing against my chest, as the first time we ever kissed"

"Babe, promise me you'll never let me go, cuz if you do, I don't know what I'd do"

"Babe, I'm NOTHING without you"

"Babe, you're the reason I smile, the reason I laugh, the reason I see the world in a totally different way now, its because of YOU babe! Babe, don't you get it? You've changed me, moved me, you've rearranged me! You put happiness into my laife. Joy in times of despair. Babe, don;t you get it? I skip around singing and whistling cuz I;m thinking about YOU! Noone else but YOU! I get made fun of but you know what abbe? I don;t care cuz anything that has to do with you is worth more than all the treasures in the world. Babe, I've never said this and maeant it, but babe: I........LOVE......you!!!!"

Yeah, thats the wonderful kind of love, the kind I long for, the kind I've never expereinced,
and what does it feel like?
Well, I'll tell you
But I guess I gotta find it first.... </3

The author's comments:
This acme form the heart...... PLEASE read it! :)

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