Butterfly Kisses

January 19, 2011
By knightsky GOLD, Wellington, Florida
knightsky GOLD, Wellington, Florida
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I sit there on the park bench, tears gently falling down my pale cheek. I tilt my head down, trying to hide my tears behind my bangs, because tears are a sign of weakness and I want him to believe that I am stronger than that. I look up slightly, expecting him to be walking away withought even a glance back at me. But instead, I see him standing right in front of me, watching me. He can see the hurt, with a hint of surprise, written on my face. He sits down next to me, and wraps his warm, loving arms around me. He takes his fingers and gently lifts my chin, saying “Everything will be alright. We will get through this.” He relinquished me from his grasp, and I look up trying to figure out what he will do next. He takes my face in his hands, and gently brushes my bangs out of my face. He then wipes the ears from my face, staring staight into my eyes. I hold his stare, while he asks, “Why do you wear your bangs like that anyways?” His question caught me off guard, and I’m sure he could see that in my eyes. Without breaking his glance, I just shrug, wondering where on earth he is going with this. The corners of his mouth raise slightly into a grin. “What are you smiling about?” I ask, slightly irritated at his happiness at a time like this. “Nothing. You’re just so beautiful. And I love your eyes. They’re so gorgeous, just like you. You shouldn’t hide them the way you do.” His stare didn’t falter at all as he said this, and I knew he meant it. New tears began to form in my eyes; never had I had a person who cared as much about me as he did. His eyes searched my face for the source of the tears, saying “Please don’t cry anymore. It pains me to see tears in those pretty eyes of yours. And as long as I’m with you, you never will have a reason to cry.” But the tears continued to fall and I could just see the pain in his face, a longing look in his eyes asking “Why?” As the last tear rolled off my cheek, a smile came to my face. I took his hands in mine and said, “I love you. I can’t promise you that and I hope you’re wrong.” He just stared at me, confused, so I continued, “You make me so happy, I can promise you there will be tears. Tears of joy. Like right now.” We stared into each other’s eyes for a moment more before he rolled up my sleeves and kissed my scars.

The author's comments:
The other night I had this one line come to me, and I had to write about. Here's the result.

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on Jan. 21 2011 at 11:08 am
PrettyPurplePen, Axson, Georgia
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This story was really sweet and heartfelt. The fact you mentioned her scars at the very end was a really good cliffhanger. Kudos to you.


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