Family or Death continuedd

January 17, 2011
two nurses appear one on the left one on the right and grab me bringing me back to my room. I try and fight but I am just losing Ken won't help me he lays there lifeless in that chair next to my bed. What did they do to him? I fight and fight but they pull me on the bed and pin me down getting straps around me locking me to this bed "What did i ever do to deserve this? What did Ken do? Did you kill him?" They start walking away. Tears fall down my face "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?" I scream and gulping for air trying to breath but my crying is just making it worse. They close the door and pull shades over the clear glass wall. I try to get out but cant move. The room starts fading one by one all the objects disappear I stare at the lifeless body that was Ken till I see him disappearing. I look around me and I'm in a black space floating. Times in my life appear around me The fire, a funeral with four dead people, Ken and I laughing and smiling at his house, blood drowning me thick not wanting to let go, A bright light appears the straps are gone. I'm in the room Ken's gone I'm all alone. I swing my legs over facing the door and touch the cold wood floor bringing my feet up as fast I can. I try again ignoring the cold trying to stand but legs don't want to work for me I stumble to the door and hold on the the knob till I am able to stand. I open the door and walk into the empty hall I walk down the hall till I see a nurse "Miss where is Ken?" She jumped when she heard my voice it was hard and angry she turned around to face me her face looked shocked. I relaxed and used a calmer voice. "Where is Ken?" She looked into the cafeteria and to the boy with blond hair who she was just talking to "Is Ken a boy with blond hair about six foot?" A smile spread across my face. "YES! That sound like him where is he?" A smile came onto her face. "You must be Amaya he was just talking about you. He's in here." She moved out of the door way so I could go in. "Thanks miss" I took off running towards him. I slid across a seat bumping in to him embracing him with a hug. "Ken your back!" He looked at me confused "I was gone? I just left ten minuets ago to come in here and eat because I was hungry if I knew you were going to wake up I wouldn't of left you but they said you wouldn't be up for a while." He put his arm around me hugging me back....

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