January 13, 2011
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Saidah and Nathan went to the field of poppies. The flowers were bright red, winking at the two young adults.The air swirled around them, waiting, watching, wishing. Her blonde wavy hair flowed down her back, like a sweet river, so desirable, but if you stepped in, you'd get all muddy and sticky. Most people did not take the chance of getting muddy and sticky.

Saidah stepped toward Nathan. Their eyes interlocked.

“I'm so sick of searching,” Saidah whispered.

“I know,” Nathan replied quietly.

They laid down. The sun slowly sauntered through the sky. The pale blue of the sky enhanced the pure whiteness of the clouds. The bright red flowers surrounded them, whispering, nudging. The colors were everywhere, swirling, spinning. Nathan's short, brown, curly hair sprung out like questions, questions of things he wondered and what knowledge he felt he needed to obtain. Saidah had always been fascinated by his hair and enjoyed sproinging it to tease him. Her white smile always gave him a sense of happiness that nothing could overtake.

Nathan looked at her freckles. Dot dot dot, little quirks, small traits, the things nobody else noticed but him. He reached out to touch one of them, oh so gently. Saidah didn't say anything. Her brown eyes were focused on the sky, eyebrows scrunched in thought. The little flowers scrunched along with her.

She turned to her side, facing him. He turned towards her as well. She shrugged her shoulders, but her eyes said everything, her pupils full of loneliness. Her freckles weren't as happy as usual. He stared right at her, taking it in. Birds chirped quietly in the background, a sweet song so delicate.

Eventually, night began to fall. The bright red flowers will still noticable in shining of the moon. They decided to walk back home. The road was long and winding, but eventually they got to their destination-Saidah's house. They said good night. She was about go inside, but Nathan stopped her, the vision of the bright red poppies overtaking him. He stroked her hair gently and whispered.

“You don't have to search anymore.”

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