"I Love You"

January 9, 2011
This kiss was much different from any other from any other boy. Not that I was thinking about another kiss when our lips touched for the first time. I wasn’t thinking at all!
Our lips touched and my heart jumped. My fingers and toes tingled. My skin went from hot to cold to hot again. Goosebumps appeared on my arms as a warm breeze passed by us and I could smell my strawberry shampoo and I wondered if he could smell it too. Then, all too soon it was over. Our lips came apart and we both smiled. His brown eyes were sparkling in a way I hadn’t seen in our month together.
Nick and I had been together for a month but this was our first kiss. We met at my best friend, Amber’s birthday party almost six months ago. My first boyfriend and I had just broken up and I didn’t want to go, but Amber made me promise.
Nick became my friend. He told me about his life, I vented about mine. I told him everything. Then I got back together with my ex, Kyle. He and Nick didn’t hate each other, but they did NOT like each other. Then, out of the blue, Kyle tried to get me to do things with him I wasn’t comfortable with. I had never even said I love you to him. I always wanted to be sure that I truly did love someone before I said it. I ran from Kyle’s house to Nick’s, crying. I told him what happened and he got angry. He knew exactly what I needed though and he didn’t go and punch him like I know he wanted to.
Then when Kyle tried to come up and fix it I shouted at him to leave me alone. When he didn’t Nick got in his face. Nick was bigger than Kyle and that boy wouldn’t be stupid enough to mess with him, he called us both mean names and stormed off.
Nick came to my basketball games (Kyle never had). Then after one exceptionally fantastic one there was an accident. My mom was driving me and four other girls on my team to the restaurant where we were meeting the rest of the team and another car ran a red light and hit us from the passenger side. I, luckily, had the worst injury, but it wasn’t that lucky. My wrist was broken and I couldn’t play for over a month. It was horrible for me to sit on the bench and watch my friends play while my wrist was covered in an ugly cast. But Nick always managed to make me smile.
I had never thought of him romantically until we danced at Winter Formal in January. That was a month ago and every time we held hands was amazing, he held onto me like he would be there forever.
Now as our smiles lingered only inches from each other I was waiting for him to say something. We sat on the swings in the park leaning in close together. Suddenly I had an inspiration. “Follow me.” I grabbed his hand and we ran from the park leaving our backpacks by the jungle gym. We arrived by the wall that surrounded the water tower. I showed him how to hop the fence and we climbed the tower.
“This is my favorite place. Look at that view!” We sat with our feet hanging over the edge and we looked at the mountains that surrounded us. It was nearing sunset so the clouds had began to turn pink, and the rain clouds in the distance appeared to have orange rain.
He wrapped his arm around my waist and words slipped past my lips before I could stop them: “I love you.”
A succession of emotions ran across his face. Confusion, surprise, happiness. “I’ve loved you since Amber’s birthday party,” he admitted before kissing me again.

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