Aches in the Heart

January 9, 2011
Her face twisted and contorted itself behind the green bottle he was gazing through. Her short, light hair was now long and dark, it seemed to never end. Her left eye was bigger than her right one, as if she was asking him something. Her forehead was huge, growing and growing. He wasn’t afraid because he knew she wasn’t like this, not really, it was only the light hitting the glass bottle.

He sighed, her lips were still small and soft, he knew that if he kissed her, his heart would warm up and for a moment, just a moment, the world would seem right again. But he didn’t kiss her, because he didn’t want her to leave, he hadn’t had enough time with her yet. She’d been gone so long, his memory of her starting blurring at the edges, the small scar that was on her right eyebrow now, wasn’t there in his image of her anymore. He wanted thousands of memories that he would never get.

Deeply engrossed in his thoughts, he didn’t realize she started to turn around. The glass bottle slipped through his fingers, shattering into thousands of pieces. The echo of It ringed in his ears, he didn’t notice. “Wait!” he called out, desperate to keep her with him for just a bit longer, he started running. He reached out for her hand, only to see it wasn’t there. She was far ahead of him, walking without hesitation, as if she couldn’t hear him. “Wait!” he cried out again, sinking to his knees. “Please, wait!” he sobbed into his hands, the ache forming in his heart already.

She turned around. Everything about her was beautiful, her hair, her emerald eyes, her cute, small nose, he wanted to kiss each place tenderly, especially her lips, to show her he wasn’t afraid. He loved her and he would never be afraid, but he was scared of losing her again. “I love you, Beth, I love you more than anything, please don’t go. I need you. I need you” he pleaded.

She smiled, he could feel his body filling up with warmth, that was all it took to make him change, a simple smile. She didn’t realize she could do this to him, she was the only girl who’d ever done that to him before. She doesn’t understand that without her, there was a hole inside him, and that every day it grew deeper and darker.

“I love you, Adam.” Still smiling, she starting shimmering, everything went hazy. It only took a matter of seconds, and then she was gone. She was gone…

He woke up screaming.

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