All out of Porportion

December 31, 2010
By thfitz2416 GOLD, Pullman, Michigan
thfitz2416 GOLD, Pullman, Michigan
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I sat alone in the night, on the cold hard steps leading up to my house. It was the middle of the winter and there I sat on the steps in a short sleeve shirt, tears rolling down my face. I'm usually not the type of person to cry, but here I sat uncontrollably sobbing. I hated fighting, especially when it came to those I love. When it came to him especially.

My heart felt as if it had been ripped in two, shredded into pieces and lost in the wind pieces never to be found again. No we hadn't broke up... Well at least not officially, I had found the love of my life with my best friend alone his shirt off and her in nothing but a spaghetti strap tank and boxers, under the same blanket very close to each other, almost touching. He swore up and down nothing happened but how am I supposed to believe that when my friend had a history of sleeping around and she had a thing for my man.

Suddenly a light shone from behind me casting a shadow in front of me making me come back to the present time. My face grew hot as I realized someone was with me. You see I hate crying but what I hate more is crying in front of people. I hid my face so whom ever it was couldn't see my tear-stained face, but doing that only made me start shivering uncontrollably and shaking with sobs.

“Baby, please come in and talk to me please?” It was my boyfriend. I didn't know why he was here or how he got here.

“No,” I managed to choke out. I could feel him coming closer to me. He sat next to me and held me close. I tried to pull away but he just held me tighter.

“Baby you're freezing,” he whispered in my ear wiping the tears from my face. I tried to pull away but once again it was useless.

“What do you want??” I asked through choking sobs trying to sound like I wasn't crying even though he already knew I was.

“I want you to hear me through, please?”

“Fine, but make it worth my time babe,”

“You think you saw me fooling around right?” He paused a minute for me to nod then continued, “well I wasn't, I had only just got out of the shower and couldn't find a shirt and found her knocking on the door, I let her in and she was wearing nothing but what she had on when you got here. Baby please you have to believe me. She was cold so I told her to sit on the couch under the blanket while I looked for my shirt. Then after I looked unsuccessfully, I sat on the couch and she started crying about something that was happening between her and her boyfriend, so I was scooting towards her to comfort her when you walked in,”

“And why am I supposed to believe that babe?

“Because I love you baby and want no one other than you... That's why, so please I am begging you-” It was his turn to choke on his words. This made me cry harder but I looked up to find him crying, I turned my head towards him and kissed his neck, then his cheek and finally his lips.

“I'm sorry babe, I understand now, I love you so much,”

“I'm sorry to baby and I love you too,”
With that we went inside and made up. I swore I would never take things this far ever again...

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