just two frends

December 13, 2010
By serena SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
serena SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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He switched on his right turn signal twisting his torsal to see behind him and moved 2 lanes over. Reaching over bumbing my knee he got his sunglasses out of the glove box.
"how was you weekend?"
"like always huh? i have to get gas, just to give you a heads up."

He turned up his music of metallica and we continued our fight from last night of ford's vs. chevy's. He turned off the next exit than ran into sunco gas station running in. He came back out and pulled the gas cap off hanging the gas gun in the car and propping the door open.
"The cashier looks like a terrist."
"prolly is."
"if he is weres his bag?"
I smiled shrugging my shopulders. He closed the gas cap and jumped back in the seat. He started talking about his next new car.
"you dont know anything about cars huh?"
"nope all i know is how to change the brakes and roders and the spark plugs."
"thats cool i cant do that i can pull apart this whole engine and put it back together."
"so im getting a new paint job."
"how you gunna get it done?"
"well, my uncle can do it for 1000$ but i know a body shop that does it for 3000$ and you see the way i drive, a paint job worth 1000$ wont last me a year."
"haha tushayy."
"tushay means to punch you." he said playfully punching me and rounding around the parking lot getting 'his' parking spot
"my name was on this spot in the beginning of the year."
We walked into the school together to my locer he leaned against the one next to mine talking about metallica and beastie boys, while i thought nickelback and nirvana were better.
We dropped my stuff off at my homeroom than hisand walked around till i saw my friends about 10 minutes later. We hugged and i ran upstairs he followed along with his friends but going around the circle in the oposite direction, so everytime i saw him i tacled him. after tech ed i saw him again he threw his arm around me and talked about how william is a mexican but a redneck.
"well im gunna go." he said giving me a hug then heading the opposite way taking his hat off my head.
I went to lunch going through the lunch line with my half brother carson.
"what?! no cookie for me?"
"have one when we get home."
"fine, i'll see you in science."
He sat back down at the table behind me. after the bell rang i walked out into the hall and he called my name. i turned around as he cought up.
"thanks for waiting for me he said sarcastically."
"your welcome." i retorted smiling.
"so im hanging out at the old house downtown you should come are you busy this weekend?"
"we'll see."
"alright ill see you later."

After 8th period i raced to my locker and he came up standing next to my locker as always.
"are you riding home with me?"
"not today."
"awwe." he said sincerly sad
"alright fine."
"okay." he said chearing up."how many sweaters do you have in your locker?"
"i dont know like nine?"
"why dont you take them home?"
"it's a struggle."
"wll now you have a car today not a bus."
"tushay." i said grabbing 2 and throwing them over my arm.
"want me to put one in my bag?"
"if you want."
"kay which one am i taking?" he asked smiling, i tossed him a blue one.
i gave him a quik hug.
"ill see you later."
after we rode home talking about everthing, he dropped me off 20 minutes early.
"see you tomarrow morning." i closed the door and he took off after i was out of sight.
"awwwwe" i read in a text
"what" i responded
"That guy you always hang out with" becca responded.

"To bad were only friends and he has a girlfriend."

The author's comments:
"To bad were only friends and he has a girlfriend."

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