Blonde Boy

December 5, 2010
By EssayQueen BRONZE, La Quinta, California
EssayQueen BRONZE, La Quinta, California
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My head was pounding. I sat up and looked around, I was in a forest. It was dark, cold, and humid. I stood up and noticed a pebbled path off to my right. As I took my first steps my head cleared and I heard two people arguing up ahead. I walked into a clearing and looked around. I then saw two people about my age, around fifteen, staring at me. They were twins, with bright blue eyes, blonde hair, and fair skin. A boy and a girl. The boy stepped forward I noticed he wasn’t wearing a shirt. His body looked like it was carved by angels.
“Hello, I see you have finally woken.” His voice was sweet and smooth. His eyes twinkled as they looked into mine. He smiled. His teeth were straight and sparkling white. His sister crossed her arms and walked up to me.
“She was prettier when she was asleep.” She smirked and looked at her brother. Her I eyes looked at him with love. Not just family love but true love. It was a little creepy.
“Don’t be rude” the boy exclaimed while still looking at me.
“My name is Darrin, and this is my sister Amber.” He then looked at Amber. They stood there staring at each other not blinking. It was like they were communicating with only their minds.
“Are you two just going to stare at each other, or are you going to tell me what’s going on?” I blurted out.
“You don’t belong here; go away and never come back.” The voice inside my head made me jump. It belonged to Amber.
“I can read your mind and so can Darrin. Darrin and I are soul mates, we were made for each other and we have been together for the past three thousand years, until you came along and he fell in love with you. He saved you from our enemies and you have come into our lives many times before and I got rid of you. There is no difference this time.” I looked at Amber and said, “I don’t know what you are talking about but I have no idea who you people are.” Darrin smiled.
“You know who I am.”
“No, I don’t know you. Sorry.” He looked at me and I saw disappointment and pain flash in his eyes.
“How can you communicate telepathically?” I asked confused.
“You can do it to.” Amber said.
“Think of what you want to say and project it to a person.”
“Why does he love me?”
“Who knows? I don’t know what he sees in you.”
“That’s rude.”
“Too bad.” I gave her a dirty look then turned my attention to Darrin, who was staring at me. He was sitting on a tree stump. His body glittered in the sun. Wait…glittered?
“What are you?” I asked
“We are angels.” He says

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I wrote two articles and i like both of them.

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