Story of My Life

December 6, 2010
By , Shoreline, WA
Once upon a time there was a girl; just an ordinary girl who seemed to never do anything right. This girl lived in a little suburb with an over protective mother that she didn’t like. The mother wouldn’t let the girl date or even like the idea of boys around her little girl. Well one day in March, when nothing seemed to be going right, she met a boy. The boy was perfect but all too soon it was time to go. For the next two months they text messaged each other almost all the time. They hung out a few times and everything in her life seemed to be going just right for the first time in a very long time. They started dating in May. But not even a week later her mom found out and made her break up with him. Neither of them liked that idea so, despite her mother’s wishes, they continued to date. Everything was going good except for the fact that they never got se each other. It was summer time and they were both almost always at camps and rarely got to talk to each other. Well, like I said, the girl can’t do anything right and she cheated on him. She told the boy that she just wanted to take a break and just be friends. But the girl still really cared about the boy and couldn’t stand that she had lied to him, so eventually she got up the courage to actually tell him the real reason she broke up with him. It took him a while to process and it hurt him a lot. She felt really bad because she never meant to hurt him. They agreed to be friends. She wanted him back but didn’t want to ruin the friendship they were creating. They hung out as friends in August; and during that time he realized that he wanted her back too. They started dating again and finally everything was beginning to go right again. They started high school together in the beginning of September and the first two weeks were good. They didn’t have much to talk about and it was awkward for them to hang out at school. After the first two weeks he started acting weird and she was beginning to get scared that he didn’t like her anymore. She didn’t want to ask him, afraid of the answer she might get. Well, now she doesn’t have o worry anymore because she knows what he would’ve said. The perfect boy decided that the imperfect girl wasn’t good enough. Now the perfect boy is free to find a perfect girl to be with; he’s free to forget about that imperfect girl that he once loved. He’s free to leave the girl he said he loved, battered, and broken. He’s welcome to leave her and take away the only good thing she’s ever known. Here’s to goodbye forever.

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TerraTAZz said...
Dec. 10, 2010 at 9:28 am
Although its very sad I adored the way its written. Loveddd ittt!!
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