What the heart wants?

December 3, 2010
You know how they say love is all about what your heart wants? Well that's how i feel with John he so amasing and for some reason he chose me. Me five foot seven inches, Red haired nerd.John is six foot tall and has black hair. I'll admit i'm in love. I've never felt this way about any guy before. So i decide to tell him how i feel.
"John!"I yelled out walking swiftly to catch up to him.
"Yeah Lily?" John stoped and waited for me to catch up to him.
"Can we talk?" i grabbed his hand and we headed for his car.
"Sure.About what Baby?"He unlocked the passanger door for me and i smiled he was such a gentalmen.
"About us there's something i need to tell you."John frowned and gave me all of his attention.
"What is it Lily?" He looked so adorable with the little crease in between his eyes.
"I,i,i,i Love you and i really really mean it i've never felt this way before and oh my gosh i just love you!" i took a deep breath and waited in the silence for John to say something anything.
"Lily i feel the same way!" He pulled me close and layered thousands of kisses on my lips. I felt tears of joy roll down my face.To this day i still remember the first time i told my dear John i loved him. It's been thirty years since highschool. We've been married for twenty and still love each other with are whole hearts. I listened to my heart and got the best deal out of it a man that loves me and a baby on the way.

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