Confessions of a Teenage Love Chapter 2: Yes and No

November 23, 2010
By ambergem SILVER, Tavares, Florida
ambergem SILVER, Tavares, Florida
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Adyson was trying to blend in the entire day. From walking threw the halls with her head held down to sitting alone under branchless tree. “People at this school are nice,” she said to herself, “but how come I feel like I don’t fit in?” Basically, out of nowhere a girl maybe 15 or so walks up to Adyson.

“Are you Adyson Marsh? That new girl that everyone has been talking about?” The girl asked in a rush. So much for staying low, thought Adyson.

“Uh yeah… I guess.” She said in a surprisingly rude tone.

“Calm down girl, it was just a question or two. Anyways I’m April Madden and my friends think that it’s insane that I came over here to talk to you.” April explained with a laugh.

April had the longest blond hair, it was practically blinding Adyson, she also had large green eyes and an athletes body. Adyson guessed that she was one of those popular snob girls.

“Oh really now? How come?” Adyson said in a way the obviously meant that she really didn’t care.

“Well, for starters, you’re alone and pretty much sitting on the cold ground in drizzling rain talking to yourself, everyone just kind of gets the feeling that you’re weird.” She stated without noticing how Adyson stopped listening to her.

“Huh, interesting, honestly I’m just trying to get used to this strange school the best I can.” Adyson said defending herself.

“I know what you mean, I’m a freshman too, but I’ve known all the kids that go here since I was like 5. So I’m guessing your not enjoying the sunshine state? It’s actually a nice day today just wait until it gets into the 100s, you’re going to die.” April said.
April is annoying, not only the fact that she talks to much and is really beautiful, she thinks I’m stupid, Adyson thought to herself. The bell rang and both girls ran off to there next class, but before going April tells Adyson,

“Ady I have a feeling we’re going to be the best of friends.” She smiled brightly showing a magnificent row of gleaming white teeth. Of coarse something else that made her even more perfect. Adyson walked to her last class, Mr. Thick, which is very ironic because he is very think and bald and not really ‘thick’ at all. This was Adysons favorite class, photography. Her entire world revolved around herself and her camera. Adyson sat next to a brown haired boy who instantly hit on her.

“So you come here often?” He asked in a deep voice.
Adyson immediately smiled and said, “Well so far yes, but if I didn’t have to, no.”

“I’m Glen, Drew Glen.” He said in a serious tone moving his eyebrows in awkward movements.
Adyson laughed it’s like she couldn’t help herself. “ I’m Adyson Marsh, and honestly you look funny.”
Drew looked amused, “You wouldn’t be surprised how many times I get that a day, so I’ll take it as a compliment.”

“You should,” Adyson said with a wink as she pulled out a piece of notebook paper.

As class continued Adyson could feel Drew staring at her, and she couldn’t stop herself from blushing. Mr. Thick was explaining to the class about the fine art of photography when Drew wrote his number on her paper with the words, ‘text me cutie’ written next to it. Adyson rolled her eyes and smiled, it was funny to her that this kid thought she was actually going to talk to him.

School was over, at least for the day and Adyson could not wait to go to sleep. The second she got home her mom wouldn’t stop asking her basic questions like, how was it? Or did you make any friends? And Adysons favorite, any cute boys? Adyson told her mom she made friends with April and left out the part about Drew, she didn’t want to give her mom all the details just yet.

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Please comment(: I'm still working on the future chapters.

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