Because of You

November 27, 2010
I woke up dead today.

I am dead because of you.

I am not physically dead, but I might as well be if I don't have you.

Everyday was the same routine.

You would walk into our fifth period class. I would stare. You would smile. I would melt.

But then, you would go sit down, forgetting all about me.

And I would die.

Everything about you was perfect.

You were hilarious.

You were so sweet.

You were easy to talk to.

You were the best thing that never happened to me.

You are the only person I’ve ever been in love with.

And we would joke around and have fun and talk all the time. You were my one of my best friends. But I wanted more.

We were such good friends, and everyone knew it.

You made me laugh.

You made me blush.

You made me cry.

And you made me fall in love.

But you didn’t love me back.

You told everyone that you did indeed have feelings for me. But you only told me with a smile.

And that smile made me feel light as air.

But that smile didn’t come around often enough. In time, when I would smile at you, when the butterflies visited my stomach, you would look the other way.

And I would die.

And now, you traipse the halls with your girlfriend in hand, completely ignoring me. When you’re with your friends, it’s like I don’t exist.

But I do.

I exist for you.

And now, there is no you.

And that is why I don’t exist.

That is why my life is meaningless.

That is why I am dead.

I am dead because I love you.

I am dead because you do not love me.

I am dead because you love her.

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