The Letter to My Breaking Heart

December 2, 2010
My Only Love,

I guess I can say that losing you is probably the one thing that gives me nightmares. It’s the one thing that can make me hurt the most without knowing what it is. I wish I could say I knew you were coming back but I don’t. I have to have th faith in you that I started to have. So the faith I have is telling me to wait and everything will be answered, and that you will be mine. But if for some reason that doesn’t work out than I hope your happy with the person your with, I hope you don’t forget us though. I hope you don’t forget the way we met, or the way I felt about you. I hope you don’t forget the crazy in love teenagers we were. I believe love has its endings and beginnings again. Maybe this was just our ending and beginnings come for later in life. I know what we had was real because the sound of your voice is so real, and just the feeling you once game me seems like it will forever remain a part of me. You’ve gave me the inspiration and power to do what I want to do. You have made me a stronger person and defiantly a more confident one. I would trust my feelings for you anyday. Because who I am now is because of you. You are my love. My one love. And my success in life just know you had something to do with that. You game me one real love story that I had feelings in. Everything I am and could be is because you had fait tin me, and because you gave me faith so I could have it in myself. I guess in some way you’re my hero. I’ll love you till the day I die.


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