Pieces of time…

November 28, 2010
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The clock struck one , I was late for my interview. I grabbed my purse and coat, and ran downstairs. I stood by the edge of the street and waited for a cab, but for coincidence there were no cabs available, how lucky am I?
I had to run , or actually to walk really fast in high heals, when I reached the building I stood for a while before I entered , took a breath drank some water, and entered.
When I entered it was one fifteen, good my meeting is at one twenty I said to myself. I pressed the elevator button and waited for a while, a man stood beside me waiting also. He smiled and said hello, I smiled back.
It took the elevator about a minute to arrive, and when it did I rushed in and clicked on the 22 floor, the man didn’t click. He smiled and shook his head. Suddenly my phone rang, I answered it and put it in my purse.
As I put my phone in my purse the light in the lift turned off, and the elevator stopped moving we were still in the fifth floor, suddenly I panicked and fell to the floor of the elevator. I have a phobia from the darkness. , a really bad one.
I passed out for about two minutes, but woke up after I sensed someone hitting me on the face, and yelling.
The man , till now I don’t know his name, bent to me and said "what's wrong, are you frightened?", I barely could breathe but I was able to say yes. He then took his cell phone, and turned it on. Finally light I said in my mind, he then asked "darkness phobia?".
I still couldn’t speak, so instead I nodded my head twice. He smiled, and moved his hand to my purse took my phone out, and turned it on. He smiled and said "they'll fix it , don’t worry…".
Seconds after he told me that, the light turned on, and I saw his face one more time, now I saw him really. He was so beautiful, black thick hair, wide green eyes and amazing pursed lips. He was so beautiful, and I was laying down between his hands, as I saw him my mouth fell open and couldn’t react. He smiled , an amazing smile and said "are you okay?". I was more than okay, I smiled back and said "I am fine.".
When we reached the twenty second floor, paramedics were there, it seemed that he had called them when I passed out. They all rushed to me, he had to move go away , but I wanted him aside. But I couldn’t do anything, they lifted me out of the elevator and put me on a stretcher, it took them about two to three minutes to do that.
Now it was one forty five, I was fine, no longer panicked. After the paramedics were away from me, I started searching for the man that grabbed me, the man whom I know nothing about. But I couldn’t see him, he must have went away, I have lost him I said to myself.
The secretary told me that she had postponed my interview till two days from now, meaning Wednesday.
Thirty five hours from the incident I had my meeting. This time I wasn’t so late, but also couldn’t find a cab, so instead of running I walked. I reached the building and directly entered, as I waited by the elevator , a man came and stood beside me. Before I looked into his eyes I hoped that it will be him, the man that I saw last time. I lifted my head slowly and turned to face him, it wasn’t him I was disappointed.
I entered the elevator and clicked on the twenty second floor. This time nothing happened on the way, as I reached the secretary told me that he was waiting for me . My boss to be, I smiled politely and entered. As I opened the door, and raised my head to face my boss to be, it was him. The elevator man, I smiled and looked at my watch one forty five, the same time I lost him, but now I had found him.
He smiled, and said "My name is Jake Robinson, you must be Kathleen".

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brunett97 said...
Dec. 8, 2010 at 3:39 pm
very good job. this is a well  written piece. keep up the good work.
steph95 replied...
Dec. 9, 2010 at 11:08 am
thx for your comment!!!
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