A New Beginning (Part 2)

November 25, 2010
By Anonymous

As i made my way to the terminal my mind was going crazy with the new freedom that lay before me.

Yes, I was bummed that I would have to stay with my grandparents but I would lay down the rules and everything would be fine. There was so much I could do now.

Now I could drink whenever I wanted.

Hang out with whoever I wanted to.

Not be judged by my parents.

I would have no curfew.

I wouldnt have to hear "we just miss the old you.." speech for a while.

AND if all of that wasnt enough I could date whoever I wanted and get away with multiple tattoos and drunkiness.

"Sweet!" I accidently said out loud which made people around stare in confusion.

"Are you okay?"

I turned around to see a little boy with his parents looking up at me.

"Yeah duh shut up twerp!" His parents mouths were gapping open. There son sat there in tears.

I walked away knowing that i had been way to harsh and that I needed to calm down.

I finally found the terminal and sat there. I looked down at my watch and saw that I had an hour till my flight left. I had to find a way to kill time.

My phone in my pocket buzzed and took it out of my pocket ready for whatever annoying messages from Jeremy I was now going to encounter.

The first one was from Jeremy:

Hey Baby just wanted to say that I already miss you alot and that Im hoping we can keep in touch while youre away. I will always love you.

Eww. When would he stop? Why had I fallen for him? He was so pathetic. Keep on touch? Keep dreaming Jer.

The second text was from my dad:

Have a good flight. Try to change on this trip.

Wow...my heart sank in my chest. No goodbye? No "Im going to miss you alot hunny, I love you?" Water welled up in my eyes but I quickly wiped them aside. I hadnt cried over anything since dad had stopped coming around. But I still didnt understand. Didnt he have any love for me? Was he that disappointed in me? I hadnt changed that much! I quickly pushed my thoughts aside and got up and bought a frapaccino at starbucks hoping that it would cheer me up.

I filled my thoughts with the excitement of my new life.

I day dreamed about the awesome guys I would soon date. He would drive a motorcycle, and have a mohawk, and we would party all the time and-

"Now bording first class passengers!" The lady came on the intercome interupting my thoughts. I already didn't like her.

I walked up and handed the flight attendant my boarding pass and got on the plane.

I sat down and waited for the plane to begin take off. Did I mention I hated planes? I closed my eyes and kept imagining the guy that I would spend my summer with. He would sneak me out of the house-

"Excuse me." I looked up to see a guy about my age looking down at me. Ugh.

"Uh yeah?!" I snapped.

"Sorry...I just cant get to my seat.." He said with a sorry smile.

"Oh well all you had to was say so." I snapped back again. My nerves were really getting to me. Everyone kept interupting my happy thoughts and this guy who was unusually cute had just ruined my only hope of forgetting I was on a plane.

I moved my legs so that he could get around me and he walked over and sat down. This flight would be interesting...

I closed my eyes and began to think of what I would say to my grandparents when I arrived giving myself one last chance to forget about being on the plane.

"Hi Gramps! Stay out of my way and I'll Stay-"

"Hi Im Jason."

"Hi...I dont care!"

"You don't like plane flights?" He asked accusingly.

"No actually I love flights!" I lied. He could tell it was a lie.


"Do I look like the type of person that would be? Let me answer that for you. No."

"I dont buy it," he said as if he were 100% sure of himself. He barely knew me. Who was this kid?!

"Once again I dont care an if you don't min-"

"You gripping the armrest like the plane is going to break into a million pieces in the air and that arm rest is the only thing that will save you."

"Will you shut up?" I was sick of this kid.


The planes engine began to start and I quickly glanced at my waist to see if my seat belt was on and then gave a weary look to this kid..Jason.

He saw my face and snickered. "Told you so..ha ha"

"Youre wrong..." I said through clenched teeth.

The plane began to pick up speed and unconsciously I squeezed my eyes shut. I hated this part.

The plane left the ground and my spirits raised a little bit. The fact that we were in the air meant that we hadnt ran into anything and that there was anything wrong with the engine.

I opened my eyes slowly hoping that Jason wouldnt notice. I opened them little by little and once I could see that he wasnt looking I relaxed my body.

Jason was looking out the window and i didnt think he had noticed a thing. Plus I think the take off distracted him from me and luckily conversation would end.

"SO what brings you to Seattle?" He stared at me with intent eyes. Gosh he did have beautiful eyes. They were green with a little bit of brown in the middle and when he smiled his eyes smiled too. They were absolutely beautiful.

"Uhhh miss?" I shot back to reality.

"huh?" I said coming back.

"I said 'what brings you to Seattle?'" he chuckled. His laugh made my heart skip a beat.

"Oh..." his question caught me off guard," well its..its kinda a long story..." I knew I didnt want to tell him all my personal stuff. He barely knew me. He would automatically judge me.. Why was he even talking to me? But another part of me fealt that I should tell him. I hadnt talked to anyone about my relationship with my parents because no one seemed to understand. But now I fealt like I could tell this complete stranger, anything in the world.

"I have time. This flight doesnt land for another three hours and forty five minutes."

'Great. Here goes nothing.' I thought to myself.

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