A New Beginning (Part 11)

November 25, 2010
By Smartblonde4898 GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
Smartblonde4898 GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
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Chapter 12

I glanced around my room quickly to make sure this wasnt a dream inside a dream.

My cell phone..Just as I left it.

My Clothes.. Still on the floor from the night before..

My walls..still the same ugly color..


"Wha!" I jumped in surprise, loosing my balance on the side of my bed and falling onto the floor with a giant THUD.

Now I was pretty sure that I was awake..

I reached up to grab my phone off of my side table in defeat.

Squeezing my eyes shut I hoped that it was Jason but while opening them one by one I soon found that I have 13 missed calls from Jeremy..

Great!...Prefect way to start out my day.

I opened up my phone knowing that if I didnt the missed calls would just keep adding up.

"What Jeremy?"

"Leslie..?... LESLIE!"

"Uhh..yeah..what do you want? Youve been calling my non stop all morning.."

"Oh..Leslie.. I just..umm babe..I miss you so much... and..."

Just as he said this I knew he was drunk. Typical Jeremy. But as I figured this out guilt washed threw me. I knew that this part of Jeremy was partly my fault. I had influenced him to the point that he would drink to remember me..because that was what we used to all the time, but I also knew he liked to drink alot before we started dating...maybe I was putting to much blame on myself.

"Jeremy.. I think you should go home and take an advil and dri-"

"Leslie..Leslie..baby...I love yo-"

"No no no Jeremy.. Jeremy.." I got up and started pacing the floor not knowing what exactly to say to him.. "Jeremy..youre drunk..you dont know what your saying..and Jeremy..I just..dont..love you anymore.."

"No no love you dont know what youre saying-"

My face started to heat up and my eyes started to fill with tears. I started pacing faster back and forth across my room..I had never done this before.. I just normally walked away from the guy flicking him off and not answering his calls for a month and he would get the point...I guess part of my learned that from my dad..

I glanced out my window to see Jason looking out his window with a concerned look. I walked over to my window cracking it open feeling the cool air nip at my finger tips. Just seeing Jason made me feel better. He really had a way of making me feel like the old my didn't matter, that what really mattered was what you did with your life now..He made my feel like I was..normal..that all the broken pieces of me weren't scattered and lost forever just hidden somewhere inside of me and could easily be put back together..

After silence had passed on the phone.."Jeremy..I'm sorry..I have to go..Go home..Move on with your life.....I have..." I gave a small half smile to Jason as I said this "Goodbye."

"Wai-" I hung up the phone before he could say another word.

I looked up at Jason who was still looking at my with a worried expression on his face.

"Are you okay?" He said reaching over of his window and placing his hand on my cheek wiping away a stray tear. Butterflies went through me at his touch, and I knew that I would never do anything to hurt this amazing guy sitting across from me. That as long as Jason would have me in his life I'd always be there.



I was surprised at how good he was at reading my emotions..

I took a deep breathe trying to steady my hiccups. "Yeah..I think its actually over like I mean it was but now he actually knows that it actually is over..like he gets it..well I hope he does because I don't want to have another one of those conversations again.."

"Yeah me too..I don't like seeing you cry Les."

I smiled at the nickname. "..yeah I guess I just keep learning so much about myself.."

"I'm glad." He had a sincere smile on his face. That was reassuring. I didn't know why he had all this power over me but I was fine being inferior. It felt like finally someone cared about me. "Hey! you better get inside it's oddly freezing outside today.."

I didn't want to leave him but he was right. I was freezing. "Yeah..you're right."

"But hey! Text me okay?.."

"Okay!" I smiled at the thought of that.

We both closed our windows. My room now seemed normal. Now that I knew Jason was not inside my house with my baby.. haha. I laughed at the thought of that impossible idea.

I pulled out my phone not wanting to go a minute without talking to him.

[Should I be worried why you were looking through my window in the first place?] I texted laughing to myself.

I made my way downstairs but before I reached the bottom of the stairs my phone buzzed.

[Jason- Maybe I watch you sleep...baha! Just kidding I'm not that creepy Ethan guy from Twilight :)]

I laughed out loud and my Grandpa sitting on the couch in the family room looked up from the news with a confused expression on his face.

How could he not know his name was Edward?

[You mean Edward?..]

I walked into the kitchen once again reassuring myself that I was still in my grandparents house.


[jas- Oh..yeah ha ha! Actually I left my window cracked last night. I heard lots of footsteps and sniffling.. I really don't like to hear you cry.. Im sorry :/]

Gosh could he get anymore perfect?.. I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn't hear my Grandma say my name.


"Oh! Sorry Gram! Gosh it smells so good in here!"

She looked over at me with a confused expression. "Some one is happy today... Is something up Leslie? You and that boy seem to be spending alot of time together..I like what hes done to you."

Suprised by her comment I replied, "Yeah..me too. It seem more..me ya know?"

My Grandma just went back to preparing me a plate for breakfast and I took the opprotunity to text Jason back.

[Your'e too sweet Jason..] As I was texting this a smile grew on my face and I looked up o se my grandma looking at me with another confused expression.

I ate quickly and went back up to my room ready to get ready for today.

AfterI took a shower and changed my clothes and my hair I went back into the bathroom where I had left my cellphone. I had forgotten all about it after weeks of avoiding it.

I had 2 new messages, both from Jason. Finally looking at my phone wasnt so bad.

[I know :)] I laughed at that. Jason was deffinently not the type of guy to be cocky and I knew that.

[Meet me at the window in ten?] My heart skipped a beat. The text was sent 5 minutes ago but I went to the window earlyand opened it and leaning against sideways so that it was impossible for him to scare me. I took out 'A Walk to Remember' and started reading.

The five minutes went my slowly. I couldnt stop thinking about Jason and what we would talk about, and his hands touching my face, and- I had to stop thinking about this. I read the last sentence over and over again unable to actually comprehend what it was saying.


"Wha!" I jumped. Dang it! Why was he able to do that so often!?I was prepared this tim too!

"Haha, Gotcha!"

I glared at him and he put his hands up in surender giving me his perfect smile like always. I couldnt be mad at him if I tried. Heck! I couldnt even pretend to be mad at him. haha.

"Yeah yeah sure sure. What did you want to talk about?"

His face beat red and it took me a second to realize that he was blushing and possibly nervous.

"Well.. Umm I was wondering..if you wanted to have dinner with me tonight..?" He looked up at me smiling.

I was surprised by his question but there was no way that I was going to say no to him.

"Well..I mean I have to check my schedule." I joked but kept a serious face.

He caught on right away. "Are you serious?! What are you gonna have planned? Friday Night Bingo? 10 o'clock news?"

"Well as a matter of fact haha! Of course I'll have dinner with you."

His face lit up in a gigantic smile.

"Okay meet me right here tonight as 7!"

"Wait right here?! Like right at the window?"

He didnt answer, he just smiled and shut his window.

I closed my window and turned around thinking about what he could possibly have up his sleeve.

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