Tough Love :(

November 15, 2010
By SmileyO1 BRONZE, Pennsylvania
SmileyO1 BRONZE, Pennsylvania
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The greatest things in life are unseen thats why you close your eyes when you kiss,dream. or cry <3

Me: Hey
Him: HeyMe: Watcha doing?
Him:just tlking to you
Me: (:
Him: So watcha wanna tlk bout?
Me: How do you really feel about me?
Him: Every morning I wake up and i wish you were beside me, you are my world my life, whenever im sad you make me happy and words would definetly not beable to describe how I would feel without you
Him: What?
Me: That is SO sweet! :D
Me: What do you like about me?
Him: Everything
Me: Be more specific
Him: I love your personality,the way your eyes sparkle, your laugh, the way your so beautiful, the way that even when I make a mistake you still like me no matter what, the way you act around your friends and around me the way my family loves youh, i just love you and everything about you.
Him: I never wanna loose you!
Me: Wow I dont know how to respond...
Him: what do you like about me?
Me: I absoultuly Love how we are just best friends and we still feel this wayy about each other, youll never leave me your always there for me your cute your amazing you sweet and your kind
He: Is there anything you dont like about me?
Me: yes..
Him: !-?
Me: How you dont wanna try dating, I mean i understand you dont wanna loose me as your friend but life is about taking risk and learning from your mistakes and if Im your mistake then let it be~!
Him:Im sorry
Me: Its fine
Him: I just dont wanna risk loosing you as a friend.
Me: If I stopped tlking to you how would you react?
Hum: Id be supperrr sad and id miss you very much!
Him: If i randomly kissed you how would you react?
Me: Id smile then laugh
Him: Laugh?
Me: I tend to laugh in akward situations.
Him: oh
Me: how would you react if i randomly kissed you?
Him: smile then kiss you some more
Me: Im dating my ex again
Him: Lucky him
Me: It could hav been you...
Him: Yea i kno but...
Me: I wish it was,
Me: I gotta go nighty night
Him: Night
(Cutietutie has logged off)
Him: I love you...:(
(your IM has not been reached)

The author's comments:
This basiclly Describes the relationship of me and my best friend. (:

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EvE! said...
on Nov. 24 2010 at 1:54 pm


so sad


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