Love - Detoured

November 13, 2010
By howdoiskill SILVER, Sarasota, Florida
howdoiskill SILVER, Sarasota, Florida
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“I’m sorry I really regret not calling you back last night,” too late, the line had begun its shrieking buzz. He grabbed his black jacket and headed out the door. Keys in his left hand, “Beep, beep.” He stepped into the grey car, the snow melting off of his shoes.

Red light - she laid in her bed, the lights off, tissue box next her - tear after tear dripping down her face, only to be wiped away from a tissue and thrown into the trash.

Radio on, their song came on. Next channel, a sad song. Channel after was a song of joy and of relationship, he changed it back to their song. He missed her, regret streamed down his face.

Destination - She rolled over, got up, uneasily turned on a light. Something wasn’t right in her stomach, “I can’t believe he did this to me, after all that we’ve been through.”

He got out of the car, up two steps, he looked up at the apartment door, taking a deep long breath. He pressed the doorbell, suddenly she perked up and walked to the door, stared through the peep hole, “I thought even you could’ve figured out we were over.”

“Listen, I love you, just give me a chance to explain.”

“No, its not worth it.” He turned around, sat down on the snow - despair - it kept snowing on him. Body shivering, his jacket completely white with snow.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to forget, I fell asleep early… I’m sorry I kept you up waiting for my call… I understand if you leave me, I don’t even deserve you. You do everything for me, and I do nothing at all for you. Baby, without you I’m nothing - I love you.” The door opened, she ran out, wrapping her arms around her she kissed him, snow falling down upon them.

The author's comments:
Inspiration - this girl in my life.
Hope people will get - well it differs, there different symbols, but all-in-all it is that love finds a way through.

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