If I Let Everything Go

November 10, 2010
By Anonymous

If I told you that I let everything slip away, would you still be there to say goodbye? When I walk away for the last time, with so many words stuck in my throat, will you run after me and tell me those words that I need to hear? Will you stay with me until I'm gone, and maybe hold my cold hands? Everything would be complete, everything would be perfect.
And then maybe I wouldn't have to go.
If you could read my mind, would you still speak to me? Would you still yell my name from across the hall and come running towards me, like it's been ages? Would you still visit me at night in my dreams, if I told you what I need to? If I said those things I need to say?
Will you stand by my side when the world is crushing down on me, will you pick me up when I fall? Will you remember my name, or at least my face?
So many aching questions stuck on my lips, cemented on as if with super glue. Can you hear them? Can your read them on my lips?
If I let everything go tonight, will you cry for me?
Will you finally hear those words stuck in my throat?
Can you feel me?

Do you hear me?

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