Live Free or Die Dancing

October 30, 2010
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1. Our Kingdom

It was 90’s in Harlem, New York I was 17 years old it was age of rap and hip-hip I was into Eminem, Ice Cube, M.C. Hammer and Will Smith. A lot was going on at the time, a lot immigrants came to New York from all over the world now not only to we have blacks and whites but people of all races. It’s hard to understand them mothers. I mean go back to your own damn hood quit slumming ours. The school I go to, New York Dance School is telling us to welcome them with open arms, yeah kiss my white a**. I bet they are here without papers! Hell I would come here too. See NYD is a wealthy school and since I am dirt poor they wanted to saw that the school welcomes everyone, and here I am going to the best dance school in America.

I was sitting on my bed looking at my walls with my boom box on Eminem when I herd foot steps at my door. “James I had to come all way here from having a drink with my friends because of your damn rap music!!” my mom yelled “Mom I want to do this with my life dance and music it’s what I love, all I love I cannot wait to get the hell out of this s*** hole of a house!!' I yelled back at her as I pushed my door closed. I am so sick of this house and my mom between the beer and drugs I can’t take it. I turned up the music and closed my eyes. Eminem and me, lived the same life that is why I love his songs. I never had a daddy that gave a damn. My brother is the only one who ever has loved me, he is fighting in the war. I hope he comes home he can’t die, he just can’t. I pulled out some paper and this is what I wrote,
Dear Will,
I hope you are going okay, I miss you just think of what you are doing for our homeland. Life is real hard back home, you know how Mom is I want to live anywhere but here, and you are the only one that cares about me. When you come home can I live with you? I would be so happy Will and I swear I will be good. Just think about it and Will be safe.
“Jen honey are you okay? Oh don’t throw up on the rug your kid is in the house!!” My mom’s friend yelled and I was happy, someone needed to tell that b**** how to act around me. Will never had to see this Mom and Dad split when he was out of house and loving college. I had to see my mom doing Meth in the house when I was 3, my dad and mom hitting each other when I was 5 and by the time I was 7 my parents split. I would stay with my dad but he never showed in court and fight for me, to my dismay my mom showed up, she has full ownship I would call it by default. All my family lives in Canada and I am stuck in Harlem the worst part of New York I could have lived in Time Square and have money but no I have to live in the hood. I picked up my weed, opened my window and jumped out of it. I patted my pocket looking for my lighter that I pay for with two jobs at night in a club called ‘Night on Fire’ and a new one called ‘House of Beats’ I have a fake ID saying I can work at a club.
Catch this s***, it’s not only bills, my weed and cancer sticks but my kicks, tops, bottoms, socks, tooth brush everything a teenage hood needs. I have a car that my crew got me for my 16th birthday. It’s s*** hole on wheels but it gets me to work. I went to a pay phone and put 25 cents in it. “Hey Stan it’s James wanna light up bro? I’m by the old BP gas station.” I told him hoping he was game to meeting me. “Bro I will be there I’m dipping out of my crib now.” Stan said and so I waiting for him as I lit my cancer stick getting high was only fun if it was with my crew, so I just smoke when I’m alone and lit up weed with them.

About a hour later Stan showed up, “Hey man what’s crackin’ you got some grass?” Stan asked me with a smile “No man me you must be trippin’” I told him as i handed him some grass with a grin. I lit up with my favorite lighter and pasted him the lighter. “Man what if the fuzz shows up?” Stan who is two years younger and is a goody goody person who had a hard life and turned to drugs. A sad story really he could have been a school teacher or something. I wish this mom and dad were better to him maybe be wouldn’t have been so hood. Finally I said, “Don’t worry man we cool.” “I hope so man, I’m too fine to go to jail.” he said flipping his long hair in the wind. “You want catch a movie tonight?” I asked Stan “I think the Titanic is playin’ you got to see the big picture all the damn b******.” I yelled in excitement. “Cool bro, I’m down for sure.” Stan smiled

“Dude check out this new move!” I randomly said as a moved my feet in a fast motion and did three back flips landing on my feet. “Let’s see you try that.” I added after looking at his face, he was shocked at my form. “It’s sweet man but you could to better, like this s***.” Stan said I didn’t understand it he can’t dance. Stan jumped the brick wall a foot away and in a blink of an eye he jump back over it again and ran over to a street light poll across the street and swing around it like five times and did cart wells back to where i still stood. “Wow that was sick, where’d you learn that?” I asked my best friend who I have grown up with since first grade. It didn’t matter that I am older age is just a number.

“Oh damn man look who came to crash the party.” I yelled pointing to our worst nightmare, Tony Dewhite the leader of the Black Tigers the biggest dance crew in New York. “Hey d*** heads!!” Tony yelled hitting our heads together. “Go home Tony there is no tigers in our kingdom.” I yelled spiting in his face. “You just wait us Snakes are going to strangle some Tigers at the dance off this week.” Stan added My weed fell on the ground, and Tony stepped on it, telling me the game is on. “We Tigers don’t need drugs to win unlike you hoods.” Tony scoffed in my face.

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