My Savior My love

October 29, 2010
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Deep blue eyes shone through the trees as a boy about twelve walked the streets. His pale hands covered in what looked like blood.

“Karin.” a wispy voice called to him. “Karin, follow my voice and you will find me.” The little boy stopped in his tracks shivering.

“Mara i-is that you?” he asked. The eyes followed him as he moved. As the boy took a step it seemed like the eyes came closer.

“Yes Karin it’s me.” the wispy voice replied. “Come near the trees Karin and you will find me.” Karin slowly walked towards the trees unaware of the danger.

Karin stopped in front of the trees and stuck his hand out. “Mara w-why don’t you come out so I can see you?” A loud hiss emitted from the trees. Karin backpedaled trying to get away from the trees. Laughing erupted from the trees.

“What’s wrong Karin didn’t you want to see me.” A deathly pale women emerged from the trees. Her silver hair draped over her face. Karin turned to run but tripped over a rock. He rolled onto his side looking as Mara came closer to him. He began to scream.

Something flashed from the trees. A bluish blur. It stopped right in front of Karin. From his angle Karin could tell it was a girl. Red hair flowed behind her. Before Karin could take in anymore of the girl’s features she charged at Mara.

“Leave this boy alone you monster!” she screamed. Mara dodged her attacks with a horrifying laugh.

“Dear, girl I will have to kill you along with your little friend. Such a pity.” Mara lunged at the girl. Mara’s nails had become long and deathly. With a quick swipe of her hand the girl received a back breaking blow. She let out a scream, but stood back up.

“I will not let you harm another innocent child.” the girl lunged one more time slicing Mara in half. A banshee like scream came from Mara as she evaporated into thin air.

The girl turned to Karin. “Are you alright?” her voice was soft but was filled with pain.

“You saved me!” Karin exclaimed with a gigantic grin. “Thank you! Thank you!” Karin took a bit of this time to examine the girl. She had to be only fourteen. Black boots that seemed to be made of leather covered her feet, black shorts covered her legs, and a silverish shirt covered the rest. The girl giggled.

“Be careful next time. Now run off home before something else tries to attack you.” She turned to walk away but Karin stopped her.

“Wait don’t go! What’s your name?” The girl smiled.

“Kieko Inari Yuri. What about you?”

“ I’m Karin Damian. Thank you for saving me. I hope to see you some time.”

“You will Karin just remember me.” With that Kieko disappeared. Karin never saw her again. He had searched for years trying to locate his savior. He never found her but he will keep on trying.


Kieko walked down the crowed streets of Marinara city. It had been three years since she had been in her home town. Nothing had really changed. Tall tan building lined the streets along with marketplaces.

Kieko sighed as gasoline filled her nose. With a slight cough Kieko turned away from the gas and began to walk. Many people said “hi” others gave her nasty looks. Yep she was remembered not to fond of it.

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