The Boy With the Blue Eyes

October 22, 2010
By Yerenna_Lubs-Yew SILVER, Houston, Tx, Texas
Yerenna_Lubs-Yew SILVER, Houston, Tx, Texas
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The water was as blue as his sparkly eyes. He sat there gazing at my eyes while I gazed at his. We knew we liked each other why wouldn’t he ask me out? “You know you have such beautiful eyes” I said my voice as sweet as maple syrup. “Thank you” he said. “Babe can I tell you something” he asked. I was so happy I love it when he calls me babe “sure” I said hiding my excitement. “Does my hair look good?” he asked. This is what I got all exited for why doesn’t he ask me out! “Yeah it looks great” I said. “Thanks but that’s not what I wanted to ask you” he said with a sweet smile. “Then what did you want to ask me?” I asked. This is it the moment of true if he is going to ask me out he will do it now! “Marisol will you be my girlfriend” he said his smile widened. I hugged him “yes” I said.

Every summer I go back to that same place were Jason and I sat that very afternoon. The tears stream down my face as I think about his beautiful blue eyes that shined like the blue sea. I sit there remembering the day I lost him. I say to myself “God why did you let me loose him”. I remember it clear as day. He was driving we were on our way to the carnival. There was a lot of traffic and he said to me “I love you”. Suddenly a car crashed there was glass everywhere. The impact knocked me unconscious. I was awoken by murmuring voices. “Where’s Jason?!” I yelled. My mom did not respond tears fell down her face and she managed to say “Jason…Jason is gone”. I screamed and yelled and started yanking the hospital cords out and then I was knocked out. Now every summer I go back there and say I love you back to the boy with the blue eyes.

The author's comments:
I have a lot of immagination when it comes o romance and I personaly love this story writen by yours truly

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