It Flew with the wings of two

October 16, 2010
I sat there staring at the starry sky. Dreaming as the stars flew by. My mp3 player BLASTED music straight into my ears, yet the sound felt so distant. My life was so full of mishaps. Blood stained fingers are what i possessed. The fingers that wound never wash away the memories.
It was the last day of Summer Vacation. I'm about to start high school. I should WANT to go. Though, strangely, my heart feels like a burden now. BOTH my parents are gone. Don't misunderstand, I didn't kill them, is what the police say. It was SELF DEFENSE. Is what the reports read. i was lost in a sea of blood. Both parents chose to hate me. Mom hated me because I was a "demon" child. A....forced...child. Dad hated me because i wasn't HIS child. so they.....hit me, nearly killed me. Yet i didn't blame them. They just wanted to vent some anger out, yet,I..well, lets leave that.
"Viera...." Skye said, letting her voice drift into the wind. i wiped my tears off my delicate cheeks. 'YOU'RE 14 NOW VIE GET A GRIP!' i scolded myself.
"OH! hey Skye, how long have you been standing there?" i asked sheepishly, one hand over my head. "Sorry I'm a bit dilly dally now a days aren't I?" i laughed. But then the tears poured simaltaneously down my cheeks. i couldn't hold it in. Not even in front of my older sister.
"Vie..." she ran over to my side and hugged me tight i cried into her chest hoping that whatever may come tomorrow brings a better day for my life, and hopefully for Skye's too.

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