My Fallen Angel

October 5, 2010
I see your face in my dreams, haunting me quietly and lovingly; if that is even possible. I wait and wait for you to come back for me but you leave me to be forever alone, to darken and decay. Breaking Benjamin lyrics linger in my brain when I think of you, all I can do to forget is clench my fists until the vessels pop up and I realize I'm in pain. I wish I could dive into your mind, sift through every thought you ever had and find the ones about me. What could I find there? Love, passion, remorse?

Remember the day we sat by the rivers edge? I just stared at you and pondered the thought of your existance. Your wings were dark in color, almost onyx, the same as your eyes. You fell from heaven, but with what purpose? How could you fall and go back? I miss you. I never thought I'd have to, I thought you'd let me love you forever. I thought you'd stay on earth with me, help me through life, all that. I can still see that look of loathing you gave to anyone else around me, the overprotective quality that made me obey your wants without question. My dark beautiful angel, I'm not sure where the line between loving you and hating you starts, it blends so smoothly, and I'm okay with that.

I miss the feel of your body contracting when you fly me over buildings and moutain tops, I'd lean my head against your skin hoping to find your heartbeat, but never finding it. It was always a dissapointment, to feel so humanly weak in your presence. I always cringed away from your brilliance, your mind was so intricate and complex, none of the puzzle pieces fit exactly right. It was of great interest to me.

You broke down my walls and lured me in. You were persistant, and wouldn't let me tell you no, you made me love you. Then you left. It's not fair to say this was all your fault, it was mine too. I shouldn't of become so attacted to you, but I did. The harshness of your soul attracted me to you, all that hurt and fear made me want to be your angel, instead of you being mine. I know it's alot to ask, but would you give up heaven for me? Just for a while?

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Robsessed said...
Oct. 17, 2010 at 10:39 pm
Cool story. Was this inspired by Twilight? If you like Twilight, please check out some of my stuff - a lot of it is Twilight inspired.
communicativedistractions replied...
Oct. 18, 2010 at 6:37 pm

eh yes and no :) but I do love twilight :) and will do!


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