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October 5, 2010
By blackrose666 BRONZE, Sterling Hgts, Michigan
blackrose666 BRONZE, Sterling Hgts, Michigan
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I am in the forest just outside of town. It is about midnight and there is a full moon out. I wonder how I got here. I hesitantly look down at my body. To my surprise all I see is my freshly blood stained blouse and jeans. I am guessing it has just recently rained out here because my feet and the bottom of my jeans are caked in mud from the forest floor. Then I realized I smelt something. I couldn’t quite recall what it was that I smelt. It had a sweet coppery smell to it though. Then that is when that one drop fell from above onto my lower lip, But it wasn’t water…it was blood. That is what smelt so sweet & coppery. I am starting to remember now.

It all started about a month ago , though for some reason it feels more like an eternity ago. I met this guy. He was new at school, so I thought I would introduce myself. When I went to talk to him, he turned & walked away without a single word or glance back. I was stunned, this has never happened to me, Katrina Ravencroft, before. Guys were always falling for me. No guy could resist me. I have beautiful long black hair, fair skin, and the most enchanting golden brown eyes. I had been told thousands of times by plenty of guys that I was the most beautiful thing they have ever laid their eyes on. But this guy, he was different. Not just with the way he acted toward me alone but to everyone. He has charcoal black hair, grayish-black eyes, fair skin as well, but he looks as though he has been in a coffin all his life. He has a well toned body, but you can tell he doesn’t work out every day because he isn’t crazy with muscles. He also dresses differently too. He tends to dress in all black and dark reds, sometimes he dresses as though he lived in the 15th century and kept his gothic wardrobe. He is strangely quiet, I noticed he tends to keep to himself, a lone wolf if I may say so. He is indeed a mystery and I am determined to figure him out.

About three weeks ago I ran into the new guy. I had taken a stroll in the woods to clear my mind of the chaos and drama of which I call high school. Well, as I was thinking of the new guy and how he seems to be avoiding me, I happened to rum into something. I guess I wasn’t really paying that close of attention, because I ran into a tree and fell flat on my back. I lay there on the ground with my eyes closed thanking god no one was around to see what a klutz I was, or so I thought. I shot up when I heard what I believed was someone snickering. To my surprise I sat up to find him about five or six feet up in the tree I had run into, starring down at me and grinning. I guess I had turned bright red because he asked me “Are you really that embarrassed about running into a tree?” I was shocked, he made it seem as though it was normal to see people run into trees around him.

He told me to move over and watch out. Just as I did as he told me he dropped out of the tree and landed in the exact spot I was just in. He sat down next to me. I wondered if he had hurt himself from jumping from so high up in the tree but he showed no sign of pain. He just looked amused at my shock. Just as I was about to ask if he was okay, he reached out and touched my cheeks then he pulled back and looked at his fingers. I looked to, and I was surprised to find blood…my blood on his fingers. I guess I ran into the tree harder than I realized. He looked at me then told me he had a band-aid in his backpack. I guess I had been to busy starring at those deep and mysterious gray eyes and having a million questions run through my mind to notice that he had a leather backpack. Well, as he reached into his backpack to find the band-aid, I wondered in my mind what exactly his name was. Then out of no where he says to me “Tristan”. I Said “that’s an interesting name. I don’t hear that type of name to often around here. I like it.” He just grinned at me and placed the band-aid gently on my cheek. I tried to stand up but fell back down, but just before I hit the ground Tristan caught me and helped me stand. I must say I never thought he would act like this to me after our first run in. Once I got my balance back I brushed the dirt off my black skinny jeans and turned to him and said “ thank you Tristan for your help”. All he did was gaze at me. I suddenly had this strange feeling that something was going to happen. As if he had the same feeling he turned away and without another word, he left.

I lay in my bed the next day thinking about him. I haven’t been able to get rid of that feeling I got yesterday, the one where it feels like something is about to happen. All I can think of right now is Tristan though. I am anxious to see Tristan again, to be alone with him, to stare into those mysterious eyes. Dear god those eyes, they are all I can picture now. I notice they are gray with specks of black in them. They are deep to. They seem to have that look of age and knowledge to them. With those eyes you can see into his soul, through his eyes I can tell he has seen what seems like centuries of sadness, hatred, longing, & death. I can also tell he has seen just as much joy, peace, and…love. True love. Tough I can tell it wasn’t his, he just longed for it. I have wondered what he has seen in his life that gave him that look in his eyes. I told myself that I will find out. I will learn more about him. There is only one way I know that I can truly get to know him, I must get close to him.

The first bell range for class to begin. As I walked to my drama class, I noticed that everyone was acting differently. I saw my best friend Morningstar standing by my locker. Morningstar is not your average girl. She has flaming red hair and fair skin. She also has iridescent purple eyes. People believe they are just contacts that she refuses to take out, but I know they are real. People are often scared of her because she of her eyes and the fact she has an intimidating look to her. I walked over to her to see if she has noticed how strange everyone is acting. When she saw me she immediately screeched “ Katrina! Tristan is going to ask you out! It is all over school!” I guess I finally found out why everyone was acting strangely. I guess my jaw had dropped from the news because Morningstar told me to close my mouth.

The author's comments:
when i was writing this all i could imagine was me in Katrina's spot. Tristan seems like the kind of guy every girl wishes for to an extent

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on Nov. 26 2011 at 1:47 pm
ChocoMint SILVER, Bloomington, Indiana
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"Love is like swallowing hot chocolate before it has cooled off. It takes you by surprise at first, but keeps you warm for a long time." - Anonymous

"Love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a tear." - Anonymous

It was well constructed, but I just couldn't get into the flow of it. The character development of the guy was so flat. It just wasn't vivid enough for my taste. Keep writing though!  <><

Hobbles SILVER said...
on Nov. 25 2011 at 9:47 pm
Hobbles SILVER, Merritt, Other
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I love this... it goes together well.

keep writng so I can keep reading. :P


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