He Loves Me ~ He Loves Me Not (7)

October 3, 2010
By Kaylin_Mackenzie GOLD, Tomball, Texas
Kaylin_Mackenzie GOLD, Tomball, Texas
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The rest of the day dragged on without event. No one bothered me. No one talked to me. No one introduced themselves to me. The one thing people did that had anything to do with me, was look at me with looks ranging anywhere from disgust to respect to confusion to even admiration. When the day was over, I was just happy to get home and have some time to play my guitar and sing.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that little piece of information. I sing. And play the guitar.

As I walked out of my last period class, I slammed into a brick wall. I think.

"They really should not have brick walls in front of classroom doors." My forehead hurt and it was pressed against the wall... thing...

I heard someone chuckling at me... Ohmigosh the brick wall is a person!?!? Hey, don't judge me, I'm kind of slow...

"Girls always want to touch my chest, but this is pretty bold of you, Emma!" Thank the Lord Almighty that that voice didn't belong to Damien. I quickly backed up and looked up at the person/brick-wall.

A blue eyed, dirty-blonde haired guy with really toned arms was staring back at me. "Okay, seriously? All the girls are all over me. But you? Really, Emma? I expected more!"

Erik. It was Erik. Thank God it's not Damien... "Ha! Hey Erik. Actually, I was going to my locker but you blocked my way, thank you very much!" Playful sarcasm in my voice.

"You're welcome!"

"Wow." I laughed and went around Erik to go to my locker. Just as I thought, he followed me.

“So you wanna talk to me about what went on earlier in the cafeteria?" Ugh. Did he seriously have to bring that up? Seriously?
"Nope." I said popping the "p".

“Ugh." We reached my locker. I put in the combination and reached in to get my notebooks and textbooks. "Please?!?!?!"

“Nope." Not being in the mood to argue, I went on getting my things.

“Pretty please?!?!" This kid was getting really annoying. Like, reallyyyy annoying!
"No. N. O. NO!!" I shut my locker and talked to Erik like he was a little kid.

“Urg. Dude, I just want to know what happened.” Putting on his fake puppy-face, he tried to make me tell him. With no success I might add.

“Yeah, I know!" I needed to get home and practice my song and Erik wasn't making that become reality.

"Well, Damien was about to kiss you and just about a million other girls would have given anything to lock lips with him!!"

"Ew!" I turned from my locker and started to walk towards the main doors of the building. "Why would anyone in their right mind want to kiss Damien?!?" I spat out his name in pure disgust.

"Isn't it kind of obvious?" Erik kept up with me by my side. We burst threw the doors and were outside, now.

"Uh... well... no... no I can't think of a logical reason that anyone would ever want to kiss... him." I seriously had to contemplate reasons but couldn't think of any.

"Well, he's kind of the quarterback of the football team and apparently, that's what every girl wants! Do they want the running back a.k.a ME? Oh, no. Just the quarterback!" Erik seemed kind of jealous of all the attention that Damien apparently got! It sounded soooo funny when Erik said this, and I just couldn't contain myself. I busted out laughing and couldn't walk any further. Leaning on Erik for support, I just laughed.

Before I knew it, Erik had me picked up bridal style and was carrying me in the direction of my house. Once I was done laughing like a maniac, we were already near my street. "How do you know where I live?"
"Damien lives next to you." I felt him shrug while carrying me. I wasn't really comfortable like this, so I just curled up in a ball.


"He told us about you the night he went over to your house."
"What did he say?" He better have included the part where he took off and STOLE MY PIE!!!

Another shrug from Erik. "Just that he went over to your house, he almost kissed you, his mom walked in, he had to make something up to cover himself, he left, he came back, he took his pie..."

"Hold up. HIS pie!?!? I think you mean MY pie!" I miss that pie...

"Uh... he said it was his pie..."

"Ugh. Whatever. The pie doesn't matter...” I can't believe I said that. “For now. What else?"

"Oh. He took YOUR pie." I nodded pleased. "And then he left. He had just gone back to his place when he called me."

"Oh." So he actually told the whole truth. I'm impressed... "Okay, seriously! Put me down, please!?"

He smirked and put me down. "Sorry 'bout that!" We were in front of my house now.

"Okay, so yeah. I better go. See ya' tomorrow!" I turned and walked up my driveway.

"Bye, Emma." Erik called as he walked away. I waved bye and walked to my front door.

I got inside and went up to my room. My guitar lay in the corner of my room on its stand, so I grabbed it along with my song sheet music. My fingers began to strum the strings of the guitar and I started to sing my song. Once I was finished, clapping started.

"Well, well, well!" His voice was so distinct, so... Damien. "Here we have Emma Johnson singing her new song..." He was holding camera and had it pointed towards me as he spoke. "Hey, Emma? What was that song called?" Ohmigosh he recorded me singing! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! CRAP!!!

"It's called 'Give me the camera and get out of my house or I will severely injure you'." I set my guitar down and started walking toward Damien with my hand stretched out.

"Yeah, okay. Not gonna happen." He kept the camera pointed at me but began to walk to the balcony door.

"Give. It. Now. And. Get. Out. Of. My. HOUSE!" He could be charged with breaking and entering. I hope he know that!

"Now why would I do that?"

"Just do it."

He was at the door now and opened it somehow keeping the camera facing me. "No, I don't think I will."
"Ha!" It's good to think things. "Yes, I think you will."

We were on the balcony. "Well, this is my cue to leave..." Damien turned and hopped onto a... ladder. That idiot brought a ladder. Wow. He climbed down it and ran in the direction of his house. I was too tired to run after him. Let him post my song. I know I can sing and play the guitar well so I really don't care! Why not?

I stayed on the balcony and sat on the porch chair my mom let me have out here. It faced the front of the street so that Damien's window was to my left and the street was in front of me. The lyrics of my song came into my head and I subconsciously began to hum them. Half way into the song, someone called;

"Hey, Emma!"

I turned to see Damien in his window. My vision suddenly blurred and a brown, creamy substance was in my face. Ohmigosh, he freaking threw chocolate pie in my face!

Laughter erupted and I stood up from my chair to face Damien. "Oh... Oh my GOSH!" He stuttered, laughing even more. "Man! I wish... I wish that... hold on I can't breathe!" Backing away, Damien held one of his hands up as if telling me to hold on, and held the other to his stomach. Laughing exploded continuously and I just stood there speechless.

"Okay. I'm not going to kill you just let." I managed to say calmly. The chocolaty mush on my face wiped off easily, but it stained my shirt in little places. "But if I were you, I would watch my back everywhere I go."

Damien was finally done laughing and turned towards me. "Oh yeah?"


"And what could you possibly do to me?"

"Well..." What could I do to him? "I'll find a way! I always do." With that, I went back into my room and stepped into the shower letting all the pie mix with the water and flow down the drain. Somehow it didn't clog...

I was so mad, I can't even find the right words to describe it. Everything that I was feeling, everything that was going on in my head was telling me to just beat the living crap out of Damien and be done with it, and I was all for that.

Why would he waste perfectly good pie?

I may not know why he would just waste pie, but I do know one thing for certain; I, Emma Johnson, am going to make Damien Parker's life crap.

After changing, I walked into my bedroom to see something on my bed. It was a box about a foot long and maybe three inches thick. Confused as crap, I hesitantly picked up the box and examined it. On the front was a note that said "Emma" on it. I pulled it off of the box and flipped it over. On the backside, it read "Dear Emma, I had fun walking you home today! Hope to see you soon. Maybe we can do something this weekend. Hope you like your present... From, Erik".

How did he get in my room?

I opened the box and looked inside. Wow. Seriously? This is so ironic it kind of scares me. Inside the carefully blue wrapped box was something that I actually did not want for the first time in my life.


The author's comments:
Doesn't this make you want some pie?

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u must finish this!!!!!!!!!!!

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OMG, I love pie! and this! it's so flippin' awesome!! keep writing!!

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