A Winter Embrace

September 30, 2010
"Zack..." I whispered, my breath visible in the twenty-degree weather. I forget how we got here. The only thing I remember is the blood I had torn from my friend Brian's throat, and the high-pitched scream from his lover. Then after I felt Zack's arms wrap aroud me, everything went black.

"Crystal..." His voice came out in a low breath, the crunching of the snow beneath his feet hiding most of my name. Slowly, I opened my eyes to view the tiny stars in the dark night sky. I was in, so much pain. My throat burned and I felt thirsty. I needed something, quick.

The scent of something sweet filled my nostrels. It came quick and unexpected, like a sudden rainstorm in July. As I raised my eyes, I noticed Zack's cheek was cut, blood trickling down his face. My gray-blue eyes widened and shifted to a golden color and soon I found myself gripping onto his shoulders, my nails digging passed the cloth of his shirt to cut his skin, and lifting myself up in his arms to lick the blood from his cold red cheek.

I heard the crunching of the snow come to a hault and Zack had falled to his knees with a soft pant. After I had finished cleaning the blood with my tongue, I leaned back and looked at his face. He was tired, and I wondered how long he had been carrying me. His hazel eyes seemed distant, and it scared me. I got a strange feeling that he'd been calling my name while he carried me.

In an instant, I lifted Zack up and onto my back. I felt the presence of a nearby cottage, and I was going to carry him there. It was the least I could do for him considering all of the crap I pulled him into.

The walk was about a good ten minutes, and I could hear police sirens in the distance so the walk would hate to go faster. It didn't matter. Either way, it gave me time to think. It was time I tried remembering what happened.

I already knew what I was; a vampire. And I already knew I was hooked on blood, Brian's blood still teasing my sensitive sense of smell even after it's been shoved down my throat. I still couldn't remember anything before that.

A soft groan sounded from Zack and then I heard his sweet voice ask me, "Where are we?," which I couldn't help but smile at.

"Almost to our new home my love." I felt the heat crash against his cheeks and the thumping of his quickly beating heart at my words. He was so cute.

After a few more minutes, we finally arrived at the cottage. I immediately took him inside and lit a fire for him. He was deathly cold, and the heat would only help him. I searched the entire house for blankets of some sort and pulled them around his cold body, then sat down in front of him, the fire's light flickering on his beautiful face.

He seemed so different. I thought the sight of me tearing out a chunk of his best friend's throat would scare him, but not this much. I thought he loved me.

I moved closer to him and he didn't retreat, which made me happy. I was beside him now, my left hand sliding into the blanket to hold his right hand, which he took and laced his fingers in with mine. His actions made me blush and I couldn't help but tear up. His eyes glanced over to me and he looked sad the moment he saw my tears welling up.

"Don't cry my love.." His free hand came up and caressed my right cheek, my eyes closing as I leaned my cheek into his palm.

"I'm sorry..." I said, and he seemed to know exactly what I was apologizing for.

"Don't be.. This is the new you, and I will love you whatever way you are, so long as the you I know now and forever, never changes." I opened my eyes and stared into his, my tears flowing down my pale white cheeks. In a second, I was in his arms, crying my heart out to him to show him just how much this meant to me.

As the fire cloaked us in warmth and light, we laid together, me in his arms. He welcomed my time-frozen body, and greated my lips with a fridgid kiss, which I returned with all of my love. Only then were we cut off by footsteps on the porch of the cottage, and the door slamming open, two police officers standing in our doorway with guns pointed at me.

"Stand up Mrs. Torres. You've killed too many tonight." I stared at them emotionlessly then turned my eyes to gaze up into Zack's, and he knew I was going to be okay. He closed his eyes and I gave him one last kiss before I stood up and raised my hands above my head. The policemen moved in closer and in one shot, I moved to break their necks, and disappear into the cold night, my lover watching me with hope in his heart.

"I'll wait for you, my wife." Was the last thing I heard carried to me in the wind.

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