Dark Shadow Chapter 2

September 25, 2010
By Amaria GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
Amaria GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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I stood up and than I saw a note that read:
Maria, Jane called and said to call her today after school. Your mom and I are going to be gone for the day so take care of your little sister. Your brother Peter is going to go to his new school football game. Take good care. We’ll call you when we can. Love Mom and Dad.
Oh great now not only do I have to worry about school but I have to worry about my little sister. Peter was a guy who really couldn’t be trusted, he never helps he is a year older than me and I have full responsibility of my sister. Not that I don’t like my baby sister it’s just at the moment I had to worry about Alex and Jane. As if I didn’t have enough to worry about. As I was feeding my sister, I heard the phone ring I went running to the dinning room to answer.
“Hi Maria, it’s me Stephan.”
“Oh hi, what’s up?”
“Nothing I just wanted to know if you wanted a ride to school today?”
“That would be cool, because my parents aren’t here right now.”
“So I’ll be over in about twenty minutes. See you later.”
“Ok. Bye.”
After I hanged up someone knocked on the door, I went to let the babysitter in.
“Come on in.”
“Hello, I’m Mary the babysitter.”
“Hello, I’m Maria, thank you for coming. I’ll be back around 3 o’clock. Bye Lisa. Bye Mary.”
I got out into the cold air and I didn’t notice the car until I got to the sidewalk. It was black and it was a dodge. Stephan got out and said “come on Maria or else we’re going to be late.”
“Ok and thank you for taking me to school. I really appreciate it.”
“Oh… your welcome, I mean that’s what friends do right?”
“I guess, but still thanks.”
“Your welcome but can we leave already?”
“Yeah, let’s go.”
I got in the front with Stephan, it took us about ten minutes to get to school and it was strange riding with a guy I barely met and I’m thankful my dad wasn’t here to see that I was picked up by a boy, he would go nuts with rage. As we got of the car everyone looked at us. Than a junior it seemed came over to us. She had red hair and black eyes and she was wearing black pants with a white shirt. I thought that maybe she wanted to be my friend but the first words out of her mouth told me the exact opposite. “What is going on?! Why are you in Stephan’s car?!”
“Um…he wanted to give me a ride. Why?”
“Because he’s mine and you better stay away from him if you want to have any friends here!”
“Julie don’t talk to her that way! And I’m nothing to you!”
“Oh and now you defend her?!”
“Yes, because she’s my friend.”
“What is your problem I mean what’s wrong with him being my friend? It’s not like your anyone to tell me who I have to stay away from!”
“And who are you to yell at me!? Just because Stephan defends you doesn’t mean I’ll be nice to you, quite the opposite I’ll make your life impossible.”
And just like that I had everyone hate me. I looked down I was to mad to say anything I mean I knew I wouldn’t get along but now everyone hates me. Getting used to this place was going to be hard. When I looked up I saw green eyes on me. Miguel looking at me all angry, I wonder what’s wrong with him? He came up to me. “Maria what was that all about? Why didn’t you just leave Stephan alone, do you know who he is? No because you have only been here for one day and yet you already made enemies!”
“And who are you to tell me that!?” I couldn’t restrain the tears any longer, I had to leave before he noticed. “Are you crying!?” his voice was full of disbelieve. “Why do you care? It’s all your fault you…I’m sorry.” I went running to the bathroom I couldn’t even look at his face, I had everyone against me and nobody with me except for Stephan. Stephan is a nice guy but I need girlfriends, I need other people to talk to. Why did we have to move? Why? Why couldn’t I just stay with my uncle and aunt? I would trade this life for any other! I grabbed a paper towel and cleaned my face, when I heard a knock on the bathroom door. “Maria are you in there? Miguel is looking for you, come on out.”
“Who are you? And how do you know that Miguel is looking for me?”
“Oh I’m Rita and I know because Miguel is outside waiting for you.” I knew it was wrong I couldn’t take out my anger out on him. I cleaned my face and took a deep breath and went out of the bathroom to face everyone. And I knew I could be strong because I had Miguel and Stephan at my side and maybe Rita doesn’t hate me much at all. Maybe she could be my friend and I could try and win everyone else. Yeah that’s what I’ll do. I stepped outside and faced Miguel. “Are you all right now?”
“Yeah, sorry about that.”
“look just so you know I don’t talk to anyone and I don’t exactly know why I’m trying to make you feel better. But I just don’t want you to think bad about me. Not that I ever cared what people thought of me. but…but you’re different.” I was different? In a good way or bad?
“I think you really are a nice guy.” I have to give him the best smile I can. And so there goes nothing. I gave him the best smile I could. And I think it worked he actually smiled back. Oh my god it’s the first smile he gives me. I don’t know why but I liked the smile a lot like if it was the first smile I have ever received. Even Alex’s smile couldn’t reach the beauty of this one. I was at shock it was such a beautiful smile.
“Does this mean that we are friends?” he looked appalled and in shock. Wonder why?
“No…I guess…I’m not sure anymore.” All of a sudden he left, I was shocked why would he leave and not say anything to me at all. The rest of the school went on like a blur. Miguel didn’t talk to me and we worked separately and here I thought we were getting along good. I got home by walking I didn’t even wait for Stephan I really didn’t want anymore problems. I paid the babysitter $100 dollars. I saw a message on the notepad, it was for me.
A girl named Jane called and also a boy named Alex. He said that he was busy this week so don’t call him/ bother him. The girl said that she was also busy this week but to call her when you get home.
Well there went my good day, what does she want? Well she’ll make a great little tale so that I won’t call her. Well than I won’t call her at all forget her and Alex, I got other things to worry about. The ring of the phone startled me. Maybe I shouldn’t answer what if it’s Jane? But it could be mom and dad.
“Hi, Maria what are you doing?”
“Is this Jane?”
“Yeah. I just called to tell you that I don’t want you to call me this week, sorry but I have a party to go to in Berlin.”
“oh… so your coming?”
“What? What do you mean coming?”
“Don’t you remember where I moved? Your party is where I live now. Isn’t that awesome?”
I’m going to make her pay and than I’ll deal with Alex.
“Yeah, maybe I can see you. What do you think of the idea?”
“That would be awesome. You know where I live here and we will see each other soon. Bye. “

In the morning I went to school, why did I dream about Miguel last night, who knows all I know is that I saw Alex with Jane and than Miguel was next to me and he kissed me. Why would I dream about him? I mean I understand why I would dream about Jane and Alex. But Miguel? He is noting to me at all. Only a guy I met and he even ignores me. So why would I dream of him? I’m getting used to living here and school, even Miguel. I got home and I realized that there was a black Mercedes in our driveway. I opened the door and a girl with black hair and yellow highlights was in my room sitting on my bed looking through my stuff. Jane. She had a black book that said “diary”.
“What are you doing!?”
“I’m reading your book.” Oh thank god I hadn’t written anything about how I found out that they were going out not only after a day that I left.
“Hey, Maria have you met any cute guys?”
Why would she care? Oh that’s right she might want to steal them from me like Alex.
“No, have you found a boyfriend?”
“What kind of question is that you know that I haven’t met anyone I like.” What the hell am I doing?! I know I can never forgive her she betrayed me! I have to make her leave my house no matter what.
“Maria what are you thinking?”
“Nothing, hey when do you have to go to that party?”
“In a few hours. Why? Am I bothering you?”
“No, but I have to go meet a friend that I have.”
“So you do have a friend. Is he a boy?”
“No, it’s a girl named Rita.” What am I going to do I need to leave at once I can’t stand her anymore. What am I going to do. I know I’m going to leave to go outside and I’ll tell her to wait here. “Jane I’m going out for a second I’ll be right back, you wait here ok?” I left her alone, when I got outside I saw a person that was as beautiful like the moonlight at night. The one person that I hated with all my heart was outside but what was he doing here anyway? He had his blond hair standing in little spikes, and in a tux? He was wearing a necklace that had a picture on it; a picture of Jane and him together. What was he doing here? Maybe now I am really crazy. I had to find out if it’s really him.
“Alex?!” He looked me over.
“What are you doing here? Are you with Jane?”
“Maria look I’m here…because of a party.”
“Oh, Honey I thought you were here to see me your girlfriend.”
“I’m here because of that to.” You are going to regret it because I know Jane will be out of the house in about 30 seconds and she is going to see us kissing each other. I have to do it now! He came running to me and than he grabbed my face and we kissed. His lips were soft and I had missed them so much all over mine. Jane came out the front door which was perfect because Alex couldn’t see her, but I could.
“Maria?” That so wasn’t Jane’s voice. I turned around and there he was with his blue eyes on mine. “Stephan? What are you doing here?”
“I came to visit you… but I see you’re busy I’ll come back tomorrow. Bye.”
“No! Wait! Don’t you want to meet my friends?”
“I guess.” His eyes were full of sadness.
“Well this is Jane, one of my best friends. And this is Alex… my… boyfriend.”
“Hey, I’m Stephan. I’m Maria’s friend.”
“Hey. I’m Alex, her boyfriend.”
“Aw that’s nice, nice to meet you.” All of a sudden someone else was calling my name.
“Maria come here it’s me Miguel.” Without a word his face turned mad and he left. He once again gave me the weird face. I guess he didn’t want to meet my friends. Alex and Jane left after that and I wished them luck. My life was giving me weird turns. Everything was fine until I moved here. Everyone liked me but now I have enemies and my boyfriend was cheating on me with my best friend. Oh guess I’ll break up with him tomorrow. Yep tomorrow will be full of surprises.

When I woke up I ate and left right away. When I got to school everyone stared at me. I just ignored them, than I saw Stephan. I ran to him but than I stopped right away he was with Julie and worse they were kissing! I can’t believe him, saying they were nothing and now they are kissing! All of a sudden arms were on my shoulders,
“Maria what’s wrong?”
“Nothing.” I hate Stephan! How could he?
Suddenly Miguel had his arms around me and I was crying on his chest. We stayed like that for a while. “I’m ok, thanks. Oh I’m sorry I got your shirt wet.”
“That’s all right. But why were you crying?” while we talked the other kids were looking at us.
“No reason, wait does that mean you’re my friend?”
“No… look I’m not sure anymore.”
I turned back and Stephan was looking at me.
“Come on, Miguel lets get out of here.” I looked straight ahead and ignored Stephan.
The day went on forever, but than it was lunch time and I was sitting by myself…again. “So, Maria didn’t I tell you I was going to make your life impossible?” Julie said and all of a sudden everyone was staring at me and they were laughing. Why did this have to happen to me? “Come on answer me, what are you sad? Didn’t I tell you to not get in my way? I also told you that Stephan was not for you! Ha! See I always win, no matter what.” Everyone laughed really hard.
That’s it she has given big enough trouble. I mean isn’t she just happy she took Stephan, the only friend I had, away from me? “Will you just SHUT UP!” now I was really yelling, Miguel was staring at me wide eyed. “Don’t you ever get tired of bugging people?! Ok you won will you just leave me alone now! I’m tired of hearing you talk. You want me away from Stephan well I am going to stay away from him, Happy!?” everyone stared at me in awe. Julie was really mad from what I could tell. She was about to hit me but a hand grabbed hers. Miguel! I got up and left the cafeteria with Miguel by my side.
Than Stephan saw me and I ignored him again. “Maria, wait!” he came up to me. “God just leave me alone I just told your girlfriend I would leave you alone so do me the favor of leaving me alone!” “You did what!?” god this kid is trouble. “Like I said; I’m going to stop talking to you, because I just told your girlfriend I would.” “Maria! Who are you talking about?” Who was I talking about! “I have no girlfriend!” Now I was furious. You liar! “No!? You liar! Don’t think I’m dumb! I saw you kissing Julie and don’t lie! Come on Miguel lets go. I don’t talk to liars.” I can’t believe that big fat liar.
“Oh my god, I forgot Stephan was going to take me home, guess I better start walking. I think it’ll do me good if I skip the rest of the day.” Did I say that out loud? “Hey Miguel forget I said that I didn’t mean to say that out loud.” He looked into my eyes for a long time. His eyes were so beautiful, that I couldn’t look away. I held my breath. He was so close to me that our hands were almost touching. Oh my gosh he was closer now, our lips were so close to touching each others.
“Maria!” Miguel looked away barely realizing we were still at school, and I looked away, everyone was looking at us now. Oh great! All I needed having everyone talking about us. I saw Stephan there also he was coming over to us. Miguel looked really mad for some reason that I couldn’t comprehend.
“Maria, what’s going on? Were you about to kiss Miguel?!” he was yelling and he looked mad also. I was about to speak when Miguel yelled at Stephan.
“Why do you care!? You have a girlfriend and you want Maria also! Well guess what she isn’t alone in this place she has me, she doesn’t need you, you have lied to her in every way! I let you get away with it before but not anymore! You got it, she has me!” Stephan looked really mad, I smiled. I liked those words. Even if he didn’t mean it, he was probably just saying it to shut Stephan up.
“But they are my true feelings. You have me!” I was in shock it’s like he read my mind. But he said it was true. I loved that! I grabbed his hand and he looked down at me. I smiled. He smiled in return we didn’t even wait for Stephan’s answer we left.
“What is it?” I looked at him what he just did was the best thing anyone could’ve done for me.
“Want me to take you home?” I saw an emotion come in his eyes but he hid it really well. I didn’t have time to see what that emotion was. I guess I’ll just walk I don’t want him to think badly of me after the way he defended me. “No. Thanks but I think I’ll walk home.” I realized at once that I was still holding his hand. I let it go. I looked down blushing.
“Maria! Look I need to take you home, or else Stephan will fallow you home. I know him very well. He won’t give up until he has what he wants. That’s what he did to get Julie. Julie at the beginning was only his friend but than he made the move and now look at her, how she is. I’m not saying I’m better, but I will protect you from what I can! I won’t always be here for you.” He looked down and than his voice was way more serious.
“But when you see that I’m losing control leave me and never come back!” what was he trying to say? That he was dangerous? “yes.” He looked down and I could see that emotion he had before. He was sad and very serious at the same time. Even if you are dangerous I’ll always stay at your side like you did for me. No matter what! I couldn’t say that out loud but I knew it was true. I could see he was a little better I wonder why. He grabbed my hand out of nowhere and everyone looked at us as we walked over to his car. I so badly wanted to grab his other hand and hug him as hard as I could. We walked and than it happened; he grabbed my hands and hugged me so hard, harder than Alex ever had.
“Miguel why is it that you always find a way to make me happy?” “I don’t really know. I guess I just see you and tell right away how you feel.” We stayed hugging for a while.
“Umm… Maria I’m giving you this so whenever you get in trouble call me and I’ll find you and help you as much as I can.” He handed me a blue cell phone. “But I already have one.”
“Yeah I know but in this one you have my house and cell as an emergency number, so please use it. Never leave it behind it’s your key to staying with me.” I agreed and took the phone. We left and he droved really well. We got to my house in no time. He walked me to the door and hugged me again. He smiled and left. I knew he now held the key to my heart which was broken once before.
I went to my bedroom where I waited a while before I dialed his number with my cell phone. “Hello?” a voice that I hated so much answered. “Jane?” she was silent too long. “I knew it, so don’t worry just pass me my… Alex.” The tears fell down; I guess I couldn’t restrain them any longer. “Maria why are you calling?” him saying that stabbed the knife more into my heart. They were together. A whisper escaped from my mouth. “I hate you.” He heard the whisper, I could tell from the next line out of his mouth. “Why? What did I do?”
“Don’t lie anymore I know that you’re cheating on me with Jane. And I’ll make it simple for you. It’s over!” I screamed even though my voice cracked. He seemed shocked because he didn’t answer to what I told him. “Pass me Jane!” I didn’t ask him I ordered him. “Maria? What’s going on? Alex won’t tell me.”
“You want to know what’s going on. I’ll tell you what’s going on!” I was shouting and I had to make my voice normal even if I was crying. I had to stop crying it wasn’t worth it. “You are no longer my best friend! You are a b**** who lied to me and stabbed me behind my back! You and Alex deserve each other you both are as equally liars and traitors. I hate you both! How could you?! I even gave you guys’ time to tell me what was happening but I guess Alex wanted you and me at the same time! But I’m not a moron nor stupid, I dumped him so enjoy you life!” I hung up; I laid on my bed and just stayed like that; crying. My tears just seemed not to want to stop coming out. Tomorrow was going to be worse than today I knew that.

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